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Effect of pre-irradiation deformation on thermoluminescence of divalent impurity doped alkali halide crystalsSoni, B K; Chandra, B P; Khokhar, M S K; Vaijapurkar, S G; Vora, DIJPAP Vol.37(12) [December 1999]870-875
Effect of temperature on lyoluminescence of divalent impuriy doped sodium chlorideChourasia, Bhawna; Khare, P K; Chandra, B PIJPAP Vol.39(06) [June 2001]392-396
Electroluminescence of CdS nanoparticles-polyvinyl carbazole compositesChouksey, Pooja; Chandra, B P; Ramrakhiani, MIJEMS Vol.16(3) [June 2009]157-160
Excitation and emission spectra of anti-Stokes luminescence of Tm3+ in glass ceramics doped with various concentrations of sensitizerKathuria, R; Chandra, B P; Ramrakhiani, M; Bisen, D PIJPAP Vol.42(02) [February 2004]136-141
Fracto–mechanoluminescence produced during slow deformation of solidsChandra, B P; Mahobia, S K; Kuraria, R K; Chaudhary, VibhaIJEMS Vol.14(6) [December 2007]443-446
Mechanoluminescence technique for real-time monitoring of cracks produced during application of loads on crystalsChandra, B P; Mahobia, S K; Nema, S K; Jha, P; Kuraria, R K; Kuraria, S RIJEMS Vol.17(1) [February 2010]61-66
Preparation and characterization of silver doped (ZnCd)S mixed mechanoluminophorsTiwari, Sanjay; Tiwari, Shikha q; Chandra, B PIJEMS Vol.10(4) [August 2003]329-334
Rapidly decaying fast electron emission produced during fracture of organic and inorganic materialsChandra, B P; Patel, N L; Rahangdale, S S; Patle, V K; Patel, R PIJPAP Vol.38(11) [November 2000]771-778
Sensitizer dependence of the anti-stokes luminescence in YOCI: Yb,Er systemMishra, Archana; Pandey, R K; Bisen, D P; Mishra, M P; Chandra, B PIJPAP Vol.38(07) [July 2000]515-519
Temperature dependence of anti-stokes luminescence in ZBLAN: Pr3+Sengar, S; Dhoble, S J; Raghuvanshi, D S; Chandra, B PIJPAP Vol.41(07) [July 2003]575-577
Four-level kinetic limitation of anti-Stokes luminescence of Yb3+ - Er3+ doped infrared upconversion materials Chandra, B P; Khare, P K; Mahajan, S KIJPAP Vol.38(08) [August 2000]599-602
Temperature dependence of exciton life-time in GaAs/ AIGaAs quantum wellsPandey, S K; Ramrakhiani, M; Chandra, B PIJPAP Vol.41(09) [September 2003]719-722
Temperature dependence of the photo-plastic effect in polycarbonateSharma, Sandhya; Bajpai, Rakesh; Chandra, B PIJPAP Vol.43(01) [January 2005]34-38
Temperature effect on lyoluminescence of potassium halide microcrystals in luminol solutionChandok, R S; Kaur, R; Chandok, G K; Chandra, B PIJPAP Vol.44(07) [July 2006]519-523
Theoretical approach to lyoluminescence of organic materialsChandra, B P; Gour, Anubha S; Chandra, Vivek K; Baghel, D S; Khare, P KIJPAP Vol.41(11) [November 2003]884-893
Theoretical approach to the tunneling mechanoluminescence produced during cleavage of II-VI semiconductorsChoudhary, Vibha; Singh, Anubha; Chandra, V K; Gupta, R K; Chandra, B PIJEMS Vol.11(5) [October 2004]421-428
Thermal quenching of fracto-induced mechano luminescence emission in (ZnS:ZnO):Cu phosphorsMuraleedharan, R; Khokhar, M S K; Chandra, B PIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]399-403