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Application of natural oil on light weight denim garment and analysis of its multi-functional performancesVijayalakshmi, D; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.38(3) [September 2013]309-312
Azole, amine, benzoate and nitrate compound mixture as VPI for metals in NaCl and SO₂ environmentsPoongothai, N; Natesan, M; Palanisamy, N; Murugavel, S C; Ramachandran, TIJCT Vol.14(5) [September 2007]481-487
Bleaching of cotton fabrics using hydrogen peroxide produced by glucose oxidaseSaravanan, D; Vasanthi, N S; Raja, K Senthil; Das, Arunava; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.35(3) [September 2010]281-283
Characterization of nanomembrane using nylon-6 and nylon-6/poly (e-caprolactine) blendGunavathi, P; Ramachandran, T; Chellamani, K PIJFTR Vol.37(3) [September 2012]211-216
Comfort characteristics of cotton fabrics finished with fluoro-alkyl nano lotus finishViswanath, C S; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.35(4) [December 2010]342-348
Copper enriched medicinal herbal treated garments for selective skin diseasesGanesan, P; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.39(2) [June 2014]185-189
Design and development of signal sensing equipment for measuring light transmission efficiency of POF fabricsKumar, L Ashok; Vigneswaran, C; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.35(4) [December 2010]317-323
Effect of medicinal herb extracts treated garments on selected diseasesChandrasekaran, K; Ramachandran, T; Vigneswaran, CIJTK Vol.11(3) [July 2012]493-498
Evaluation of a new single parameter for characterising the compressional properties of weft-knitted fabricsGunasekaran, G; Koushik, C V; Subramaniam, V; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.36(3) [September 2011]242-247
Extraction of copper enriched seeds for healthcare textilesGanesan, P; Ramachandran, T; Karthik, T; Vadivu, P KandhaIJFTR Vol.38(3) [September 2013]313-316
Mechanical properties and fault analysis of D-slot carded compact yarnLoganathan, R; Lakshmikantha, C B; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.34(3) [September 2009]225-230
Microencapsulation of copper enriched herbals for curative garmentsGanesan, P; Selvi, C Tamil; Ramachandran, TIJTK Vol.11(3) [July 2012]532-536
Moisture management properties of eri silk knitted fabricsKumar, B Senthil; Kumar, M Ramesh; Ramachandran, T; Parthiban, MIJFTR Vol.44(4) [December 2019]389-395
Optimisation of multi-enzyme scouring process using Taguchi methodsSaravanan, D; Ramanathan, V A Arun; Karthick, P; Murugan, S Vel; Nalankilli, G; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.35(2) [June 2010]164-171
Optimization of machining parameters of A16061 composite to minimize the surface roughness – modelling using RSM and ANNJeyakumar, S; Marimuthu, K; Ramachandran, TIJEMS Vol.22(1) [February 2015]29-37
Optimization of process parameters for crease resistant finishing of cotton fabric using citric acidRamachandran, T; Gobi, N; Rajendran, V; Lakshmikantha, C BIJFTR Vol.34(4) [December 2009]359-367
Optimization of thermophile Bacillus licheniformis -amylase desizing of cotton fabricsSaravanan, D; Prakash, A Arul; Jagadeeshwaran, D; Nalankilli, G; Ramachandran, T; Prabakaran, CIJFTR Vol.36(3) [September 2011]253-258
Tenacity and breaking extension of cotton covered copper open-end friction-spun yarnsRamachandran, T; Vigneswaran, CIJFTR Vol.34(2) [June 2009]179-182
Thermal behaviour of ring- and compact-spun yarn single jersey, rib and interlock knitted fabricsRamachandran, T; Manonmani, G; Vigneswaran, CIJFTR Vol.35(3) [September 2010]250-257
Use of bacterial lipase for scouring of cotton fabricsRaja, K Senthil; Vasanthi, N S; Saravanan, D; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.37(3) [September 2012]299-302