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Design and synthesis of hormonotoxin for selective targeting of gonadal cellsAlam, Anis; Singh, Ranjit C; Singh, VinodIJEB Vol.40(04) [April 2002]477-485
Diethylnitrosamine (DEN) induced morphological and biomolecular changes in mouse liver mitochondriaBasaiawmoit, Stephanie P; Alam, Anis; Sohkhlet, Momita; Jamir, Robin P; Dutta, Sthiti PIJBB Vol.53(5&6) [October-December 2016]187-198
Liposome encapsulated tumor-associated antigens elicited humoral and cellular immune responses in mice bearing tumorAlam, Anis; Imliwati, Longkumer; Rapthap, Chowphi; Singh, VinodIJEB Vol.39(03) [March 2001]201-208
Purification, characterization and chemical modification studies on a translation inhibitor protein from Luffa cylindricaSingh, Ranjit C; Alam, Anis; Singh, VinodIJBB Vol.40(1) [February 2003]31-39
Ribosome-inactivating property of gelonin is more affected by N-succinimidyl 6-[3-(2-pyridyldithio) propionamido]hexanoate modification than N-succinimidyl-3- (2-pyridylthio) propionateSingh, Vinod; Singh, Ranjit C; Dubey, Rajesh Kumar; Alam, AnisIJBB Vol.37(3) [June 2000]155-165
Role of positive charge of lysine residue on ribosome-inactivating property of geloninSingh, Ranjit C; Alam, Anis; Singh, VinodIJBB Vol.38(5) [October 2001]309-312
Purification and characterisation of gelonin from seeds of Gelonium multiflorumSingh, Vinod; Singh, Ranjit C; Dubey, Rajesh Kumar; Alam, AnisIJBB Vol.36(4) [August 1999]258-265
Studies on chemical modification of ovine luteinizing hormone and its subunits with different heterobifunctional cross-linking agentsSingh, Ranjit C; Singh, Vinod; Alam, AnisIJEB Vol.40(04) [April 2002]456-466