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Characterization of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Thin Films by Infrared and EPR SpectroscopyArora, Manju; Gupta, S KBVAAP Vol.13(1) [June 2005]86-90
Effect of controlled doping on electrical properties and permittivity of PTSA doped polyanilines and their EMI shielding performanceSaini, Parveen; Arora, Manju; Arya, S K; Tawale, Jai SIJPAP Vol.52(03) [March 2014]175-182
Influence of Calcium Substitution on Structural, Vibrational and Paramagnetic Properties of Magnesium FerriteKour, Gurbinder; Kaur, Balwinder; Singh, Ajay; Kumari, Anju; Arora, ManjuIJPAP Vol.60(09) [Sep 2022]742-753
Investigation on magnetic carbon nanofoam compositesPant, R P; Arora, Manju; Lal, Chhotey; Annveer; Singh, Sukhvir; Mathur, R BIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]363-366
Overall expanded uncertainty estimation in polaron concentration of p-toluene sulfonic acid doped polyaniline by EPR spectroscopyArora, Manju; Saini, ParveenIJPAP Vol.51(11) [November 2013]758-764
Study of Different Ferrofluid Systems by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Technique: A ReviewGupta, S. K.; Pant, R. P.; Arora, ManjuBVAAP Vol.12(1) [June 2004]143-145
Synthesis and characterization of acrylic resin/activated carbon compositesKhan, Sharief ud Din; Arora, Manju; Puri, Chandni; Wahab, M A; Saini, ParveenIJPAP Vol.52(04) [April 2014]251-254
Synthesis and characterization of ferrofluid-conducting polymer compositePant, R P; Dhawan, S K; Suri, D K; Arora, Manju; Gupta, S K; Koneracka, M; Kopcansky, P; Timko, MIJEMS Vol.11(4) [August 2004]267-270
Synthesis of Mn0.2Zn0.8Fe2O4 particles by high energy ball milling and their applicationsKumar, Nitu; Kumar, Vinod; Arora, Manju; Sharma, Monika; Singh, Bhikham; Pant, R PIJEMS Vol.16(6) [December 2009]410-414
Uncertainty Measurements in Chemically Synthesized Stable Uniform Sized Gold Nanoparticles for TEM/HRTEM CalibrationSingh, Sukhvir; Singh, Manjri; Arora, Manju; Singh, Dinesh; Singh, Surinder PIJPAP Vol.59(02) [February 2021]83-91
Variable temperature electron paramagnetic resonance investigations of an ionic ferrofluidGupta, S K; Pant, R P; Arora, ManjuIJEMS Vol.11(4) [August 2004]305-308