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Assessment of yarn hairinessBasu, ArindamIJFTR Vol.24(2) [June 1999]86-92
A comparative study in measuring trash content by using HVI and Shirley trash analyserBasu, ArindamIJFTR Vol.24(4) [December 1999]303-305
Design and development of an instrument to evaluate staple fibre processing propensityBasu, ArindamIJFTR Vol.33(3) [September 2008]264-268
Development of fabrics for adsorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants from indoor airBasu, Arindam; Kumar, Pankaj; Parmar, MS; Gaur, RKIJFTR Vol.48(4) [December 2023]388-395
Effect of some ring spinning and winding parameters on extra sensitive yarn imperfectionsBasu, Arindam; Gotipamul, RajannaIJFTR Vol.30(2) [June 2005]211-214
Grasping Climate Technology Transfer: A Brief Discussion on Indian PracticeBasu, ArindamJIPR Vol.23(1) [January 2018]51-59
Lint shedding propensity of cotton and blended yarnsBasu, Arindam; Gotipamul, Rajanna LIJFTR Vol.28(3) [September 2003]288-294
Mechanism of regulation of phosphorylation-dephosphorylation of Ca²⁺, Mg²⁺- and Ca²⁺-ATPases by modulator proteins isolated from rat brain cytosolBhattacharyya, Dipankar; Ghosh, Subho; Chatterjee, Madhumouli; Basu, Arindam; Sen, Parimal CIJBB Vol. 41(4) [August 2004]162-166
Objective measurement of structural parameters of rotor-spun yarnsBasu, ArindamIJFTR Vol.26(4) [December 2001]358-365
Optimization of draw frame setting based on cotton single fibre length dataBasu, Arindam; Ramakrishnan, NIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]309-311
Purification of protein from a crude mixture through SDS-PAGE transfer methodBhattacharyya, Dipankar; Basu, Arindam; Sen, Parimal CIJBB Vol.44(2) [April 2007]122-125
Quality characteristics of polyester/viscose and polyester/cotton two-ply yarnsBasu, Arindam; Gotipamul, Rajanna LIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]279-285
Relationship between USDA calibration cotton properties and yarn strength/unevennessChellamani, K P; Thanabal, V; Basu, Arindam; Ratnam, T VIJFTR Vol.29(1) [March 2004]12-18
Studies on torsional rigidity of mulberry and non-mulberry silksKhatoon, Jameela; Vasumathi, B V; Basu, ArindamIJFTR Vol.37(4) [December 2012]353-357
Yarn structure - properties relationshipBasu, ArindamIJFTR Vol.34(3) [September 2009]287-294