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Acidity of ZSM -5 zeolites: A comparison of results obtained using different experimental methodsSatyanarayana, C V V; Chakrabarty, D KIJC-A Vol.30A(05) [May 1991]422-427
Air Pollution during Phase-I and Phase-II of Odd-Even scheme in DelhiPeshin, S K; Chakrabarty, D KIJRSP Vol.47(3-4) [September-December 2018]35-41
Behaviour of methane emission from a paddy field of high carbon contentPurkait, N N; Saha, A K; De, Sanghamitra; Chakrabarty, D KIJRSP Vol.36(1) [February 2007]52-58
Catalytic redox reaction of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide on perovskitesSalker, A V; Chakrabarty, D K; Keer, H VIJC-A Vol.28A(06) [June 1989]458-462
Column density of atmospheric water vapour over AhmedabadChakrabarty, D K; Patel, S; Vala, P; Iyer, K NIJRSP Vol.32(5) [October 2003]301-305
Global warming and solar anomalyChakrabarty, D K; Peshin, S KIJRSP Vol.42(6) [December 2013]391-396
Methane emission from open drainPurkait, N N; Chakrabarty, D KIJRSP Vol.44(1) [March 2015]56-59
Methane emission from the rice fields of West Bengal over a decadePurkait, N N; Sengupta, M K; De, Sanghamitra; Chakrabarty, D KIJRSP Vol.34(4) [August 2005]255-263
On low value of surface ozone during winter in DelhiChakrabarty, D K; Peshin, S KIJRSP Vol.45(1) [March 2016]41-47
Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide on Perovskite Cobaltites Ln1-xMxCoO3 (Ln = La, Sm; M = Ba, Pb and Th)Rao, D Y; Chakrabarty, D KIJC-A Vol.23A(05) [May 1984]375-378
A quasi-simplified approach for modelling stratospheric negative ionsBeig, G; Chakrabarty, D KIJRSP Vol.22(2) [April 1993]114-121
Results of rocket measurements of D-region ionization over Thumba during MAPChakrabarty, D KIJRSP Vol.24(1) [February 1995]35-38
Seasonal and solar activity variation of NO2 over AhmedabadChakrabarty, D K; Patel, Shailesh; Vala, PrakashIJRSP Vol.35(5) [October 2006]344-348
Some results of ground-based measurements of atmospheric NO2 at Ahmedabad by visible absorption spectroscopyLal, M; Chakrabarty, D K; Sidhu, J S; Das, S R; Verma, S DIJRSP Vol.22(2) [April 1993]108-113
A Steady State Model of the D-region Plasma during Artificial Radio Wave HeatingChakrabarty, D K; Modi, U KIJRSP Vol.17(1) [February 1988]12-15
Substituted AIPO4-11 molecular sieves-SAPO-11 and CoAPO-11: Synthesis, acidity and alkylation 'of toluene with methanolDas, J; Lohokare, S P; Chakrabarty, D KIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]742-746
Surface ozone and its precursors at two sites in the northeast coast of IndiaPurkait, N N; De, S; Sen, S; Chakrabarty, D KIJRSP Vol.38(2) [April 2009]86-97
A Theoretical Model of the Stratospheric Positive IonsBeig, G; Chakrabarty, D KIJRSP Vol.16(4) [August 1987]313-317