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Angiotensin II inhibits Na+/K+ATPase activity in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells via glutathionylation and with the involvement of a 15.6 kDa inhibitor proteinRahaman, Sayed Modinur; Dey, Kuntal; Chakraborti, Tapati; Chakraborti, SajalIJBB Vol.52(2) [April 2015]119-124
Effect of different serine protease inhibitors in validating the 115 kDa Leishmania donovani secretory serine protease as chemotherapeutic targetChakraborti, Tapati; Das, Partha; Choudhury, Rajdeep; De, TriptiIJBB Vol.52(1) [February 2015]14-22
Leishmania donovani secretory serine protease alters macrophage inflammatory response via COX-2 mediated PGE-2 productionDas, Partha; De, Tripti; Chakraborti, TapatiIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]542-551
Implications of Calpains in Health and DiseasesChakraborti, Sajal; Alam, Md Nur; Paik, Dibyendu; Shaikh, Soni; Chakraborti, TapatiIJBB Vol.49(5) [October 2012]316-328
Matrix metalloprotease 2-mediated activation of Ca2+-ATPase by superoxide radical (O2.-) in plasma membrane of bovine pulmonary vascular smooth muscleMandai, Malay; Das, Sudip; Chakraborti, Tapati; Chakraborti, SajalIJBB Vol.39(6) [December 2002]390-396
Protease Inhibitors in Potential Drug Development for LeishmaniasisDas, Partha; Alam, Md Nur; Paik, Dibyendu; Karmakar, Kanchan; De, Tripti; Chakraborti, TapatiIJBB Vol.50(5) [October 2013]363-376
Antiproteolytic and leishmanicidal activity of Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt leaf extract against Leishmania donovani promastigotesDas, Partha; Paik, Dibyendu; Pramanik, Asmita; De, Tripti; Chakraborti, TapatiIJEB Vol.53(11) [November 2015]740-746
Bioactivity guided fractionation of Moringa oleifera Lam. flower targeting Leishmania donovani Singh, Manoj Kumar; Paul, Joydeep; De, Tripti; Chakraborti, TapatiIJEB Vol.53(11) [November 2015]747-752
TLR4-mediated activation of MyD88 signaling induces protective immune response and IL-10 down-regulation in Leishmania donovani infectionPaul, Joydeep; Naskar, Kshudiram; Chowdhury, Sayan; Alam, Md. Nur; Chakraborti, Tapati; De, TriptiIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]531-541
Vascular Aneurysms: A PerspectiveChakraborti, Sajal; Chowdhury, Animesh; Alam, Md Nur; Sarkar, Jaganmay; Mandal, Amritlal; Pramanik, Asmita; Chakraborti, TapatiIJBB Vol.51(6) [December 2014]449-456