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An apprisal of arsenic in Indian coal, propensity of arsenic pollution from coal fired power plants and suggested remediesDas, M C; Gangopadhyay, A K; Chakraborty, S K; Moitra, H B; Lal, S; Singh, K; Das, A; Ghosh, B; Chatterjee, S K; Banerjee, N NIJCT Vol.07(2) [March 2000]68-74
The Blanketing Sporadic-E Near the Magnetic Equator: A ReviewBandyopadhyay, P; Chatterjee, S KIJRSP Vol.16(1) [February 1987]76-83
Diurnal variation of E-region temperature and A1-absorptionPurkait, N N; Chatterjee, S KIJRSP Vol.19(3) [June 1990]134-137
Evolution of Microwave Research in IndiaChatterjee, S KIJRSP Vol.15(5&6) [October & December 1986]364-366
Microbial susceptibility of bleached and dyed jute fabrics and their protectionMajumdar, S; Chatterjee, S K; Dey, S; Ghosh, B LIJFTR Vol.19(4) [December 1994]269-276
Microscopic structure of CuSn compound forming binary molten alloysChatterjee, S K; Prasad, L CIJPAP Vol.42(04) [April 2004]279-282
Rain Attenuation and Fading on a Line-of-sight Microwave LinkSinha, D K; Chatterjee, S K; Bandyopadhyay, P; Nath, D KIJRSP Vol.16(5) [October 1987]360-363
Removal kinetics of arsenic from aqueous media on modified aluminaBalaji, S; Ghosh, B; Das, M C; Gangopadhyay, A K; Singh, K; Lal, S; Das, A; Chatterjee, S K; Banerjee, N NIJCT Vol.07(1) [January 2000]30-34
Role of zinc oxide in V2O5-K2SO4-ZnO-SiO2 catalyst in vapour phase oxidation of toluene to benzaldehydeChatterjee, S K; Das, A; Ray, Subodh KIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]236-240