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Cell Transport to Open Access A conversation with Nobel Laureate Randy SchekmanDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.60(02) [February 2023]38-41
'Closing Ceremony' of Human Genome Project?Dharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.59(06) [June 2022]30-33
Conserving Screw PinesDharmapalan, Biju; Babu, Abhilash; Das, Arun K.SR Vol.48(06) [June 2011]56-57
Conserving the Vellayani LakeDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.51(06) [June 2014]22-24
Creating Next Generation Interactive Science Magazines with QR codeDharmapalan, Biju; Mahesh, G.JST Vol.08(3-4) [July-December 2020]170-177
Evolution at the Crossroads: Moving Towards a New Synthetic Biological WorldDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.52(10) [October 2015]29-32
Frederick Sanger – Father of Biopolymer Sequencing – Is No MoreDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.51(03) [March 2014]22-25
From AI to Robotics to Precision Medicine – Revolutionising the Healthcare SectorDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.56(04) [April 2019]14-19
From Dolly to Zhong Zhong – Towards Human Cloning?Dharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.55(08) [August 2018]40-42
From telomere to evolution, in conversation with Nobel Laureate Jack W. Szostak, FRSDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.59(11) [November 2022]25-28
Harold Kroto (1939–2016) – Scientific evangelistDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.53(09) [September 2016]40-41
Hortus Malabaricus Celebrating the Tricentennial of a Botanic EpicDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.49(10) [October 2012]26-28
IISF 2020 – VIGYANIKA: International Science Literature FestivalDharmapalan, Biju; Rathore, AnkitaSR Vol.58(02) [February 2021]42-43
In Conversation - The Cyclins and BeyondDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.58(05) [May 2021]51-53
IN CONVERSATION A Polymath’s Journey in Reinventing Species - Interview with Prof. George ChurchDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.59(02) [February 2022]31-33
In Conversation – From Cockroach Milk to Bangalore Bio-ClusterDharmapalan, BijuSR Vol.56(10) [October 2019]31-33
Interview with the Master Organelle – ‘Ribosome’Krishnan, Veda; Dharmapalan, Biju; Sachdev, ArchanaSR Vol.54(11) [November 2017]41-42
The Little Indian Giant SquirrelDharmapalan, Biju; Thomas, ShoneSR Vol.53(11) [November 2016]54-55
Mangrove Palm – A Versatile Unique PalmDharmapalan, Biju; Jyothish, M.S.; Ashokan, Ajith; Harinandanan, P.V.SR Vol.49(07) [July 2012]53-54
Myristica Swamps – Evolutionary RelicsDharmapalan, Biju; Asokhan, AjithSR Vol.50(06) [June 2013]45-48