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Alterations in radiation induced cell cycle perturbations by 2-deoxy-D-glucose in human tumor cell linesAdhikari, J S; Dwarakanath, B S; Mathur, Rohit; Ravindranath, TIJEB Vol.41(12) [December 2003]1392-1399
Contribution of oxidative stress to radiosensitization by a combination of 2-DG and 6-AN in human cancer cell lineVarshney, R; Adhikari, J S; Dwarakanath, B SIJEB Vol.41(12) [December 2003]1384-1391
Endogenous and Induced Oxidative Stress in Multi-cellular Tumour Spheroids: Implications for Improving Tumour TherapyKhaitan, Divya; Dwarakanath, B SIJBB Vol.46(1) [February 2009]16-24
Glycolytic inhibitor, 2-deoxy-D-glucose, does not enhance radiation-induced apoptosis in mouse thymocytes and splenocytes in vitroSwamy, R K; Manickam, J; Adhikari, J S; Dwarakanath, B SIJEB Vol.43(08) [August 2005]686-692
Inhibitors of topoisomerases as anticancer drugs: Problems and prospectsDwarakanath, B S; Khaitan, Divya; Mathur, RohitIJEB Vol.42(07) [July 2004]649-659
Optimization of tumour radiotherapy: Part V — Radiosensitization by 2-deoxy-D-glucose and DNA ligand Hoechst-33342 in a murine tumourDwarakanath, B S; Singh, Surinder; Jain, VineyIJEB Vol.37(09) [September 1999]865-870
Role of apoptosis in photodynamic sensitivity of human tumour cell linesGupta, Seema; Dwarakanath, B S; Muralidhar, K; Jain, VineyIJEB Vol.41(01) [January 2003]33-40
Role of topoisomerases in cytotoxicity induced by DNA ligand Hoechst-33342 and UV-C in a glioma cell lineSingh, Shailja; Dwarakanath, B S; Mathew, T LazarIJEB Vol.43(04) [April 2005]313-323
Suicidal oxidative stress induced by certain antioxidantsKoshy, Ligy; Dwarakanath, B S; Raj, H G; Chandra, R; Mathew, T LazarIJEB Vol.41(11) [November 2003]1273-1278