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Application of new Q-W relation to study latent heat fluxes over Indian Ocean using Seasat SMMR dataGautam, N; Basu, S; Gairola, R M; Pandey, P CIJRSP Vol.23(5) [October 1994]375-379
Integrated satellite microwave and infrared measurements of precipitation during a Bay of Bengal cycloneGairola, R M; Varma, A K; Pokhrel, Samir; Agarwal, Vijay KIJRSP Vol.33(2) [April 2004]115-124
Nowcasting of Yes/No rain situations at a station using soft computing technique to the radar imageryDutta, Devajyoti; Sarma, Diganta Kumar; Konwar, Mahen; Sharma, Sanjay; Viswanathan, G; Gairola, R M; Das, J; Kannan, B A M; Venkateswaralu, SIJRSP Vol.39(2) [April 2010]92-102
Rainfall retrieval from TRMM radiometric channels using artificial neural networks Kumar, Rajesh; Das, I M L; Gairola, R M; Sarkar, A; Agarwal, Vijay KIJRSP Vol.36(2) [April 2007]114-127
Retrieval of moisture profiles using satellite measurements of precipitable water and study of their impact on numerical weather prediction modelsBasu, Sujit; Gairola, R M; Kishtwal, C M; Pandey, P C; Bohra, A K; Rajan, D; Mitra, A KIJRSP Vol.26(2) [April 1997]49-76
Satellite altimetric detection of Somali eddies by signal processing techniqueBasu, Sujit; Gairola, R M; Varma, A K; Gautam, N; Pandey, P CIJMS Vol.22(3) [September 1993]188-193
Sensitivity of brightness temperatures to the oceanic surface roughness and rainfall for TRMM and IRS-P4-MSMR radiometric channels over the Indian OceanGairola, R M; Varma, A K; Pokhrel, Samir; Gohil, B S; Agarwal, V KIJRSP Vol.33(1) [February 2004]61-70
Sensitivity of Z-R relations and spatial variability of error in a Doppler Weather Radar measured rain intensityDutta, Devajyoti; Sharma, Sanjay; Kannan, B A M; Venketswarlu, S; Gairola, R M; Rao, T N; Viswanathan, GIJRSP Vol.41(4) [August 2012]448-460
Study of latent heat fluxes and associated oceanic and atmospheric parameters over the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal using Seasat-SMMR dataGairola, R M; Gautam, N; Pandey, P CIJRSP Vol.21(3) [June 1992]143-148