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Anticancer potential of animal venoms and toxinsGomes, Antony; Bhattacharjee, Pushpak; Mishra, Roshnara; Biswas, Ajoy K.; Dasgupta, Subir Chandra; Giri, Biplab; Debnath, Anindita; Gupta, Shubho Das; Das, Tanaya; Gomes, AparnaIJEB Vol.48(02) [February 2010]93-103
Bioactive molecules from amphibian skin: Their biological activities with reference to therapeutic potentials for possible drug developmentGomes, Antony; Giri, Biplab; Saha, Archita; Mishra, R; Dasgupta, Subir C; Debnath, A; Gomes, AparnaIJEB Vol.45(07) [July 2007]579-593
Ethno biological usage of zoo products in rheumatoid arthritisGomes, Antony; Alam, Md. Aftab; Bhattacharya, Sourav; Dasgupta, Subir Chandra; Mukherjee, Sanghamitra; Bhattacharya, Shamik; Gomes, AparnaIJEB Vol.49(08) [August 2011]565-573
Hematopoietic and hepatoprotective activity of Basella alba L. fruit extract in experimental animal modelGhosh, Sourav; Gomes, Aparna; Gomes, AntonyIJEB Vol.61(11) [November 2023]843-851
Herbs and herbal constituents active against snake biteGomes, Antony; Das, Rinku; Sarkhel, Sumana; Mishra, Roshnara; Mukherjee, Sanghamitra; Bhattacharya, Shamik; Gomes, AparnaIJEB Vol.48(09) [September 2010]865-878
Nanotechnology in snake venom research—an overviewGomes, Antony; Ghosh, Sourav; Sengupta, Jayeeta; Saha, Kalyani; Gomes, AparnaIJEB Vol.56(10) [October 2018]707-715
Occurrence of non-protein low molecular weight cardiotoxin in Indian King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) Cantor 1836, venomSaha, Archita; Gomes, Aparna; Giri, B; Chakravarty, A K; Biswas, A K; Dasgupta, S C; Gomes, AIJEB Vol.44(04) [April 2006]279-285
Snake venom as therapeutic agents: From toxin to drug developmentPal, Sanjoy Kumar; Gomes, Aparna; Dasgupta, S C; Gomes, AntonyIJEB Vol.40(12) [December 2002]1353-1358