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Bamboo seeds as a means to sustenance of the indigenous communityKiruba, S; Jeeva, S; Das, S Sam Manohar; Kannan, DIJTK Vol.6(1) [January 2007]199-203
Enumeration of ethnoveterinary plants of Cape Comorin, Tamil NaduKiruba, S; Jeeva, S; Dhas, SSMIJTK Vol.5(4) [October 2006]576-578
Ethnomedicinal plants used by Kani tribes of Agasthiyarmalai biosphere reserve, southern Western GhatsPrakash, J W; Raja, R D Anpin; Anderson, N Asbin; Williams, Christhudhas; Regini, G S; Bensar, K; Rajeev, R; Kiruba, S; Jeeva, S; Das, S S MIJTK Vol.7(3) [July 2008]410-413
Indigenous brooms used by the aboriginal inhabitants of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Western Ghats, IndiaRasingam, L; Jeeva, SIJNPR Vol.4(3) [September 2013]312-316
Indigenous knowledge of using medicinal plants in treating skin diseases in Kanyakumari district, Southern IndiaKingston, C; Jeeva, S; Jeeva, GM; Kiruba, S; Mishra, BP; Kannan, DIJTK Vol.8(2) [April 2009]196-200
Traditional knowledge and biodiversity conservation in the sacred groves of MeghalayaJeeva, S; Mishra, BP; Venugopal, N; L, Kharlukhi; Laloo, RCIJTK Vol.5(4) [October 2006]563-568
Traditional pest management practices in Kanyakumari district, southern peninsular IndiaKiruba, S; Mishra, B P; Stalin, S Israel; Jeeva, S; Dhas, S Sam ManoharIJTK Vol.5(1) [January 2006]71-74
Traditional treatment of skin diseases in South Travancore, southern peninsular IndiaJeeva, GM; Jeeva, S; Kingston, CIJTK Vol.6(3) [July 2007]498-501
Weeds of Kanyakumari district and their value in rural lifeJeeva, S; Kiruba, S; Mishra, BP; Venugopal, N; Dhas, SSM; Regini, GS; Kingston, C; Kavitha, A; Sukumaran, S; Raj, ADS; Laloo, RCIJTK Vol.5(4) [October 2006]501-509