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Apple Pomace Utilization for the Production of Baker's Yeast: Effect of Substrate Concentrations and Growth StimulatorsJoshi, V K; Bhushan, ShashiIJBT Vol.02(2) [April 2003]220-226
Solid state fermentation of apple pomace for the production of value added productsJoshi, V K; Attri, DevenderNPR Vol.5(4) [July-August 2006]289-296
Baker’s yeast production under fed batch culture from apple pomaceBhushan, Shashi; Joshi, V KJSIR Vol.65(01) [January 2006]72-76
Characteristics of sugarcane fibresAsagekar, S D; Joshi, V KIJFTR Vol.39(2) [June 2014]180-184
Comparison of juice extraction methods, determination of bittering principles and standardization of debittering of lime juiceBala, Anju; Kaushal, B B Lal; Joshi, V K; Kaushal, ManishaIJNPR Vol.8(3) [September 2017]263-268
Development and evaluation of bell pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) based instant chutney powder Sharma, Rakesh; Joshi, V KIJNPR Vol.5(3) [September 2014]262-267
Effect of Piper longum Linn, Zingiber officianalis Linn and Ferula species on gastric ulceration and secretion in ratsAgrawal, A K; Rao, Ch V; Sairam, K; Joshi, V K; Goel, R KIJEB Vol.38(10) [October 2000]994-998
Effect of cultivar, addition of yeast type, extract and form of yeast culture on foaming characteristics, secondary fermentation and quality of sparkling plum wineBhardwaj, J C; Joshi, V KNPR Vol.8(4) [July-August 2009]452-464
Effect of Different Sugar Sources and Wood Chips on the Quality of Peach BrandyShah, P K; Joshi, V KJSIR Vol.58(12) [December 1999]995-1004
Effect of methanolic extract of Pongamia pinnata Linn seed on gastro-duodenal ulceration and mucosal offensive and defensive factors in ratsPrabha, T; Dorababu, M; Goel, Shalini; Agarwal, P K; Singh, A; Joshi, V K; Goel, R KIJEB Vol.47(08) [August 2009]649-659
Effect of Porosity on Hydromagnetic Boundary Layer Flow with Forced Convective Heat TransferSharma, K; Goyal, R; Joshi, V K; Bhardwaj, S B; Singh, R M; Makinde, ODIJEMS Vol.30(2) [April 2023]283-289
Ethanol recovery from solid state fermented apple pomace and evaluation of physico-chemical characteristics of the residueJoshi, V K; Devrajan, ANPR Vol.7(2) [March-April 2008]127-132
Evaluation of preservation methods of low alcoholic plum wineGill, Amandeep; Joshi, V K; Rana, NeerjaNPR Vol.8(4) [July-August 2009]392-405
Extraction of anthocyanins from plum pomace using XAD-16 and determination of their thermal stabilityDwivedi, Shailendra K; Joshi, V K; Mishra, VigyaJSIR Vol.73(01) [January 2014]57-61
Flavour profiling of apple vermouth using descriptive analysis techniqueJoshi, V K; Sandhu, D KNPR Vol.8(4) [July-August 2009]419-425
Lactic acid fermentation of Radish for shelf-stability and picklingJoshi, V K; Sharma, SomeshNPR Vol.8(1) [January-February 2009]19-24
Microbial PigmentsJoshi, V K; Attri, Devender; Bala, Anju; Bhushan, ShashiIJBT Vol.02(3) [July 2003]362-369
Nutritional composition and processed products of Quince (Cydonia oblonga Mill.)Sharma, Rakesh; Joshi, V K; Rana, J CIJNPR Vol.2(3) [September 2011]354-357
Optimization of apple pomace based medium and fermentation conditions for pigment production by Micrococcus speciesAttri, Devender; Joshi, V KJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]598-601
Optimization of extraction treatment and concentration of extract on yield and quality of anthocyanins from plum var. ‘Santa Rosa’Joshi, V K; Devi, M PreemaIJNPR Vol.5(2) [June 2014]171-175