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Application of Cedarwood oil Methyl Ester with Carbon Nano Wires in Marine Engine StudiesKarthikeyan, S; Prathima, AIJMS Vol.46(01) [January 2017]111-115
Characteristic studies of some activated carbons from agricultural wastesJambulingam, M; Karthikeyan, S; Sivakumar, P; Kiruthika, J; Maiyalagan, TJSIR Vol.66(06) [June 2007]495-500
Degradation of phenol and m-cresol in aqueous solutions using indigenously developed microwave-ultraviolet reactorKarthikeyan, S; Gopalakrishnan, A NavaneethaJSIR Vol.70(01) [January 2011]71-76
Diesel engine performance and emission analysis using canola oil methyl ester with the nano sized zinc oxide particlesKarthikeyan, S; Elango, A; Prathima, AIJEMS Vol.21(1) [February 2014]83-87
Dynamics of the influence of redox active conducting polymer on corroding interfaceShriram, S; Karthikeyan, S; Pitchumani, S; Renganathan, N GIJC-A Vol.42A(04) [April 2003]807-812
Effect of pretreatment of Cassia fistula Linn. leaf extract against subacute CCl4 induced hepatotoxicity in ratsPradeep, K; Mohan, C Victor Raj; Anand, K Gobi; Karthikeyan, SIJEB Vol.43(06) [June 2005]526-530
Effect of process parameters on tire pyrolysis: a reviewKarthikeyan, S; Sathiskumar, C; Moorthy, R SrinivasaJSIR Vol.71(05) [May 2012]309-315
Effect of spindle speed on end breakage and yarn quality while using lower package sizeChellamani, K P; Gnanasekar, K; Karthikeyan, SIJFTR Vol.20(2) [June 1995]83-85
An emission analysis on the role of TiO2 additives in kusum oil methyl esters on working characteristics of CI engineKarthikeyan, S; Silaimani, S MIJCT Vol.24(4) [July 2017]393-399
An environmental effect of GSO methyl ester with ZnO additive fuelled marine engineKarthikeyan, S; Elango, A; Prathima, AIJMS Vol.43(4) [April 2014]564-570
Experimental Investigation of Marine Engine Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in in Mini ChannelKarthikeyan, S; Prathima, AIJMS Vol.46(02) [February 2017]371-376
Film-pore diffusion modeling for sorption of azo dye on to exfoliated graphitic nanoplateletsMaiyalagan, T; Karthikeyan, SIJCT Vol.20(1) [January 2013]7-14
Fourier self deconvolution and principle components analysis of spirulina based food products in quality assessmentKarthikeyan, S; Vizhiselvi, KIJPAP Vol.55(07) [July 2017]525-531
Gibberellic acid production by Fusarium fujikuroi SG2Uthandi, Sivakumar; Karthikeyan, S; Sabarinathan, K GJSIR Vol.69(03) [March 2010]211-214
The impact of the Referativnyi Zhurnal on the use of English literature by the Soviet scientistsKarthikeyan, S; Guha, BALIS Vol.16(1) [March 1969]1-10
Influence of anions on corrosion inhibition and hydrogen permeation through mild steel in acidic solutions in the presence of p-tolyl thioureaMuralidharan, S; Madhavan, K; Karthikeyan, S; Iyer, S VenkatakrishnaIJCT Vol.09(1) [January 2002]68-73
Influence of rotor speed in open-end spinning on yarn qualityGnanasekar, K; Chellamani, P; Karthikeyan, SIJFTR Vol.15(4) [December 1990]164-168
An investigation of characteristics of a diesel engine with low heat rejection fuelled by spirulina algae biodieselArunprasad, J; Karthikeyan, S; SENER, Arif SenolIJCT Vol.30(6) [November 2023]789-796
Mineralization changes substituted type B carbonate of PO43− ion in the bone minerals of an archaeological sample studied using fourier self deconvolution techniqueVelraj, G; Karthikeyan, S; Chitra, AIJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020]277-282
Optimization of roller settings using span length conceptRatnam, T V; Chellamani, P; Karthikeyan, SIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]147-150