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Differentiation of two Chlorophthalmus species Chlorophthalmus corniger (Alcock, 1894) and C. acutifrons (Hiyama, 1940) based on otolith morphometryNikki, R; Kumar, K V Aneesh; Oxona, K; Rajeeshkumar, M P; Bineesh, K K; Midhun, H; Manjebrayakath, H; Saravanane, N; Sudhakar, MIJMS Vol.50(06) [June 2021]489-497
Length-weight relationship and condition factor of four poorly known deep-sea demersal finfishes from Indian EEZBheemeswararao, K; Nihal, D; Kumar, K V Aneesh; Rajeev, R; Manjebrayakath, HIJMS Vol.51(12) [December 2022]955-960
Occurrence of a rare lambridiform fish, Desmodema polystictum (Ogilby, 1898) from Andaman coast of IndiaRajeeshkumar, M P; Sumod, K S; Rajeev, R; Kumar, K V Aneesh; Hashim, M; Sarvanane, NIJMS Vol.51(03) [March 2022]284-287
Relationship between fish size and otolith size of four deep-sea fishes from the Western Bay of Bengal, IndiaBheemeswararao, K; Kumar, K V Aneesh; Kingston, S David; Jawahar, P; Dharmakar, P; Manjebrayakath, HIJMS Vol.51(02) [February 2022]179-184
Report of Antennarius hispidus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) (Lophiiformes: Antennariidae) from the northern Arabian SeaRajeeshkumar, M P; Kumar, K V Aneesh; Hashim, M; Saravanane, N; Sudhakar, MIJMS Vol.50(01) [January 2021]75-77
Some aspects of spawning season and biology of Indian Oil sardine, Sardinella longiceps along, Goa – Karwar sector of West Coast of IndiaDeshmukh, A V; Sumod, K S; Kumar, K V Aneesh; Smitha, B R; Yadav, S KIJMS Vol.45(11) [November 2016]1481-1486