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Age related effects of organochlorine insecticide lindane on intestinal brush border membrane in ratsLabana, S; Bansal, R C; Mahmood, AkhtarIJBB Vol.38(4) [August 2001]249-252
Characteristics and physiological role of surfactant-like particles secreted by entrocytesTuran, Aasma; Gupta, Shiffalli; Mahmood, AkhtarIJEB Vol.44(07) [July 2006]519-525
Developmental changes in intestinal brush border enzymes of rats prenatally exposed to ethanolBhalla, Sonali; Kaur, Kamaljit; Mahmood, Safrun; Mahmood, AkhtarIJBB Vol.41(5) [October 2004]221-226
Effect of gallic acid on alkaline phosphatase and peptidase activities in rat intestineMahajan, Nidhi; Mahmood, AkhtarIJBB Vol.46(5) [October 2009]378-382
Effect of harmaline on rat intestinal brush border sucrase activityKaur, Navneet; Kaur, Jyotdeep; Mahmood, AkhtarIJBB Vol.39(2) [April 2002]119-123
Effect of Na+ ions on pH-dependent conformational changes in brush border sucrase-isomaltase in mice intestineGupta, Shiffalli; Mahmood, Safrun; Khan, Rizwan Hasan; Mahmood, AkhtarIJBB Vol.45(6) [December 2008]399-403
Effect of prenatal ethanol administration on microvillus membrane glycosylation in developing rat intestineBhalla, Sonali; Kaur, Kamaljit; Mahmood, Akhtar; Mahmood, SafrunIJBB Vol. 41(2 & 3) [April-June 2004]116-119
Effect of tannic acid on brush border disaccharidases in mammalian intestineChauhan, Ayesha; Gupta, Shiffalli; Mahmood, AkhtarIJEB Vol.45(04) [April 2007]353-358
Effects of fluoride and ethanol administration on lipid peroxidation systems in rat brainChauhan, Shailender Singh; Ojha, Sudarshan; Mahmood, AkhtarIJEB Vol.51(03) [March 2013]249-255
Formation of surfactant-like-particle in rat intestine following chronic ethanol feedingKumar, Seema; Mahmood, Safrun; Nagpaul, J P; Mahmood, AkhtarIJEB Vol.39(08) [August 2001]767-771
Hypolactasia as a molecular basis of lactose intoleranceKaur, Kamaljit; Mahmood, Safrun; Mahmood, AkhtarIJBB Vol.43(5) [October 2006]267-274
IgG binding and expression of its receptor in rat intestine during postnatal developmentGill, Ravinder Kaur; Mahmood, Safrun; Sodhi, C P; Nagpaul, J P; Mahmood, AkhtarIJBB Vol.36(4) [August 1999]252-257
In vitro anticariogenic effect of gallic acid against Streptococcus mutansGoyal, Dimple; Rather, Shabeer A.; Sharma, Sukesh Chander; Mahmood, AkhtarIJEB Vol.58(07) [July 2020]445-451
Kinetic characteristics of brush border sucrase activation by Na+ ions in mice intestineGupta, Shiffalli; Mahmood, Safrun; Mahmood, AkhtarIJEB Vol.47(10) [October 2009]811-815
Modulation of intestinal brush border membrane chemical composition during postnatal development in rats : Effect of gestational diabetesSharma, Ruchi; Chauhan, Shailender Singh; Mahmood, AkhtarIJEB Vol.50(01) [January 2012]45-50
Neurotoxicity of fluoride in ethanol fed rats: Role of oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and neurotransmittersChauhan, Shailender Singh; Ojha, Sudarshan; Mahmood, AkhtarIJEB Vol.58(01) [January 2020]14-22
Inhibition of dextransucrase activity in Streptococcus mutans by plant phenolicsGoyal, Dimple; Sharma, Sukesh; Mahmood, AkhtarIJBB Vol.50(1) [February 2013]48-53