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Biofencing: an ecofriendly boundary wallMishra, S; Vasudevan, P; Prasad, SJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]727-731
Comparative Study of Polyacrylamide and Homopolymer of Acrylonitrile As Antiscaling Agent on Jalgaon Ground WaterMishra, S; Patil, I D; Patil, Y PJSIR Vol.59(01) [January 2000]44-48
Comparison of nano CaCO3 and flyash filled with styrene butadiene rubber on mechanical and thermal propertiesMishra, S; Shimpi, N GJSIR Vol.64(10) [October 2005]744-751
Correlation of growth kinetics with N2 fixing capacity of bacterial isolates from Arabian SeaMishra, S; Khan, M M TaquiIJMS Vol.16(3) [September 1987]143-145
Decolorization and detoxification of textile dyes and black liquor by laccase of Cyathus bulleriSalony; Mishra, SJSIR Vol.66(8) [August 2007]684-688
Ethnomedicinal plants used by tribals of East Nimar region, Madhya PradeshRay, Sudip; Sheikh, M; Mishra, SIJTK Vol.10(2) [April 2011]367-371
Extraction of europium(III), americium(III) and curium(III) with DEHPA and Cyanex 272Mishra, S; Chakravortty, V; Murali, M SIJC-A Vol.34A(10) [October 1995]843-844
Extraction of molybdenum(VI) by MTOAC and its binary mixtures with various donors from aqueous HCl mediaBehera, P; Mishra, S; Mohanty, I; Chakravortty, VIJC-A Vol.33A(10) [October 1994]967-968
Iodination of p-hydroxyacetophenone in anionic micellar phase: A kinetic studyPanigrahi, A K; Mishra, S; Patra, M; Sinha, B KIJC-A Vol.35A(10) [October 1996]861-864
Production and Characterization of Nylon-6 Filaments Containing Carbon BlackDatye, K V; Mishra, S; Gupta, V BIJFTR Vol.07(4) [December 1982]126-132
Relevance of Ranganathan's contribution in the age of information technologyMishra, S; Misra, M K; Joshi, M KALIS Vol.39(2) [June 1992]69-71
Effect of interaction of commercial and nano size CaSO4 filler on mechanical and thermal properties of polyurethane foam Mishra, S; Mukherji, ArindamJSIR Vol.65(07) [July 2006]582-589
Evaluation of line width (damping) of zero-sound mode in liquid 3HeMishra, S; Mishra, L KIJPAP Vol.37(01) [January 1999]20-24
Hepatoprotective effect of Barringtonia acutangula Linn. leaves on carbon tetrachloride-induced acute liver damage in rats Mishra, S; Sahoo, S; Rout, K K; Nayak, S K; Mishra, S K; Panda, P KIJNPR Vol.2(4) [December 2011]515-519
A self-consistent evaluation of zero-sound energy in liquid 3HeMishra, S; Mishra, L KIJPAP Vol.37(07) [July 1999]541-544
Study on sodium and potassium salts of polyacrylic acid as corrosion inhibitorsMishra, S; Patil, I D; Deore, DipakJSIR Vol.64(09) [September 2005]684-687