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An adaptive polynomial path loss model at UHF frequencies for mobile railway communicationsRavindra, K; Sarma, A D; Prasad, M V S NIJRSP Vol.31(5) [October 2002]278-284
Anomalous microwave propagation study using multistation cyclone warning radars in the Indian east coastDabas, R S; Prasad, M V S N; Dutta, H N; Sarka, S KIJRSP Vol.25(3) [June 1996]151-157
Application of classical two-ray and other models for coverage predictions of rural mobile communications over various zones of IndiaPrasad, M V S N; Ratnamala, K; Gupta, M M; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]423-429
Centimetre and millimeter wave attenuation due to rainfall on earth-space path over DelhiSarkar, S K; Ahmed, Iqbal; Prasad, M V S N; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.22(6) [December 1993]369-373
Clear air interference predictions in tropospheric radio wave propagation: Indian experiencesPrasad, M V S N; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.25(6) [December 1996]328-335
Comparison of evaporation duct models to compute duct height over Arabian sea and Bay of BengalPasricha, P K; Prasad, M V S N; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.31(3) [June 2002]155-158
Comparison of rain attenuation prediction method for earth-space paths over northern IndiaPrasad, M V S N; Sarkar, S K; Sain, Mangal; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.23(2) [April 1994]135-141
Comparison of the outage probabilities of some prediction methods with the observed probability of a digital microwave link in western IndiaPrasad, M V S N; Sarkar, S K; Sarma, A DIJRSP Vol.27(4) [August 1998]141-143
Deterioration of the performance of a troposcatter link due to the localized meteorological phenomenaSarka, S K; Prasad, M V S NIJRSP Vol.26(3) [June 1997]147-153
Double knife edge diffraction propagation studies over irregular terrainPrasad, M V S N; Rao, S V Bhaskara; Rao, T Rama; Sarkar, S K; Sharma, SureshIJRSP Vol.33(3) [June 2004]180-184
Effect of sea breeze on propagation characteristics over a LOS microwave link located in Indian south-east coastRao, T Rama; Rao, S Vijaya Bhaskara; Prasad, M V S N; Sarkar, S K; Lakshmi, D RIJRSP Vol.28(3) [June 1999]113-118
An experimental investigation on the performance of LOS microwave links in southern IndiaRao, D Narayana; Reddy, K Krishna; Kumar, T R Vijaya; Rao, S V B; Prasad, M V S NIJRSP Vol.24(1) [February 1995]24-28
High resolution refractivity measurement and its influence on radar clutter extentSarkar, S K; Pasricha, P K; Ghosh, A B; Dutta, H N; Prasad, M V S N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.21(1) [February 1992]5-9
Investigation of VHF signals in bands I and II in southern India and model comparisonsPrasad, M V S N; Rao, T Rama; Ahmad, Iqbal; Paul, K MIJRSP Vol.35(3) [June 2006]198-205
Microwave propagation studies and correlation with sodar structures observed over a hilly terrain in Southern IndiaRao, D Narayana; Reddy, K Krishna; Ravi, K S; Rao, S V Bhaskara; Murthy, M J Kesava; Dutta, H N; Sarkar, S K; Prasad, M V S N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.21(6) [December 1992]329-333
Mobile train radio measurements in urban western India and comparison with some modelsPrasad, M V S N; Singh, RajendraIJRSP Vol.30(6) [December 2001]294-299
Multipath effects on a line-of-sight microwave linkSarkar, S K; Raju, K Megha; Punyaseshundu, D; Gupta, M M; Kumar, Rajesh; Prasad, M V S NIJRSP Vol.30(4) [August 2001]194-197
Performance investigation of a microwave communication link situated in Indian southern regionSarkar, S K; Raju, K Megha; Punyaseshudu, D; Gupta, M M; Prasad, M V S NIJRSP Vol.28(4) [August 1999]153-158
Radio wave propagation studies for mobile communications VHF in the south Indian coastal zonesPrasad, M V S N; Sarma, S B S S; Ahmad, IqbalIJRSP Vol.26(3) [June 1997]154-158
Radioclimatological effects on correlation bandwidth of transhorizon microwave communication linkSarkar, S K; Dutta, H N; Prasad, M V S N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.21(2) [April 1992]129-133