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All India seminar on school librariesRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.09(3) [September 1962]100-107
Alphabetical device and multinomials (Depth classification 49)Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.10(3-4) [September-December 1963]103-115
Annotation on “User’s Survey”Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.17(1-2) [March-June 1970]1-22
Authorial homonym and synonymRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.01(3) [September 1954]174-184
Chain procedure and Dictionary catalogueRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.01(4) [December 1954]216-221
Classification and retrieval problems of pursuit depth classification 32Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.06(2) [June 1959]33-43
Classification of a translated periodical (Depth classification. 51)Ranganathan, S R; Neelameghan, AALIS Vol.10(3-4) [September-December 1963]154-157
Classification of cataloguingRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.08(2) [June 1961]35-41
Classification of environmented entity depth classification, 30Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.05(4) [December 1958]113-121
Classification of library classificationRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.07(3) [September 1960]65-76
Classification research no longer a toddler (Depth classification 47)Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.10(3-4) [September-December 1963]85-96
Classifying indexing codingRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.06(4) [December 1959]99-104
Common property isolates Depth classification 35Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.07(1) [March 1960]1-12
Connecting symbols for space and time in CCRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.08(3) [September 1961]69-79
Connecting symbols for time and space in CCRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.08(1) [March 1961]1-11
Constructive destruction of a periodicalRanganathan, S R; Ramakrishnan, M NALIS Vol.07(4) [December 1960]117-124
Corporate author.1. ConceptRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.02(2) [June 1955]43-49
Course of training for DocumentalistsRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.06(3) [September 1959]92-97
Depth classification (2) Demonstration (I)Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.01(1) [March 1954]21-26
Depth classification (3) Common isolateRanganathan, S RALIS Vol.01(2) [June 1954]65-80