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Bioremediation of Azo Dye Containing Textile Effluent using Adapted Bacterial Strains under Subsequent Microaerophilic -Aerobic ConditionsRajendran, R; Sundaram, S K; Prabhavathi, P; Sridevi, B V; Kumar, S D; Santhanam, PJSIR Vol.75(02) [February 2016]124-130
Bioremoval of the indigo blue dye by immobilized microalga Chlorella vulgaris (PSBDU06)Revathi, S; Kumar, S Madhan; Santhanam, P; Kumar, S Dinesh; Son, Nankyung; Kim, Mi-KyungJSIR Vol.76(01) [January 2017]50-56
Culture and biofuel production efficiency of marine microalgae Chlorella marina and Skeletonema costatumRekha, V; Gurusamy, R; Santhanam, P; Devi, A Shenbaga; Ananth, SIJMS Vol.41(2) [April 2012]152-158
Effect of culture conditions on growth and lipid content of marine microalga Nannochloropsis sp. strain (PSDK11)Santhanam, P; Kumar, S. Dinesh; Ananth, S.; Jeyanthi, S.; Sasirekha, R.; Premkumar, C.IJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2332-2338
Effect of monoalgal diet on the growth, survival and egg production in Nannocalanus minor (Copepoda: Calanoida)Santhanam, P; Jothiraj, K.; Jeyaraj, N.; Jeyanthi, S.; Devi, A. Shenbaga; Ananth, S.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1579-1584
Effect of photoperiod (PP) and photosynthetic photon flux intensity (PPFI) on nutrients consumption, growth and lipid profile of unusual microalga Picochlorum maculatum (PSDK01) in shrimp culture effluentKumar, S Dinesh; Ananth, S; Santhanam, P; Ahamed, A Parveez; Thajuddin, NIJEB Vol.57(02) [February 2019]105-115
Halophilic benthic diatom Amphora coffeaeformis—A potent biomarker for lipid and biomedical applicationJeyanthi, S; Santhanam, P; Devi, A ShenbagaIJEB Vol.56(09) [September 2018]698-701
Laboratory mesocosm studies on the response and potential effects of marine diatom Nitzschia sp. to Ocean acidificationJeyanthi, S; Santhanam, P; Devi, Shenbaga A; Balamurugan, A; Kumar, Dinesh S; Prasath, Balaji BIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1559-1567
Population growth, nauplii production and post-embryonic development of Pseudodiaptomus annandalei (Sewell, 1919) in response to temperature, light intensity, pH, salinity and dietsKaviyarasan, M; Santhanam, P; Ananth, S; Kumar, S Dinesh; Raju, P; Kandan, SIJMS Vol.49(06) [June 2020]1000-1009
Effect of temperature, salinity and algal food concentration on population density, growth and survival of marine copepod Oithona rigida GiesbrechtSanthanam, P; Perumal, PIJMS Vol.41(4) [August 2012]369-376
Developmental biology of brackishwater copepod Oithona rigida Giesbrecht: A laboratory investigation Santhanam, P; Perumal, P.IJMS Vol.42(2) [April 2013]236-243