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In vitro cloning and homestead cultivation of primitive Musa cultivarsMukunthakumar, S; Seeni, SIJEB Vol.43(01) [January 2005]90-95
In vitro multiplication of Nothapodites foetida (Wight.) Sleumer through seedling explant culturesSatheeshkumar, K; Seeni, SIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]273-277
Isolation of morphovariants through plant regeneration in Agrobacterium rhizogenes induced hairy root cultures of Plumbago rosea L.Satheeshkumar, K; Jose, Binoy; Soniya, E V; Seeni, SIJBT Vol.8(4) [October 2009]435-441
Micropropagation of terrestrial orchids, Anoectochilus sikkimensis and Anoectochilus regalisGangaprasad, A; Latha, P G; Seeni, SIJEB Vol.38(02) [February 2000]149-154
Production of Plumbagin (5-hydroxy-2-methyl-1, 4-naphthoquinone) in Callus and Cell Suspension Cultures of Plumbago indica Linn.Satheeshkumar, K; Seeni, SIJBT Vol.01(3) [July 2002]305-308
Micropropagation and ecorestoration of Decalepis arayalpathra (Joseph & Chandra.) Venter—An endemic and endangered ethnomedicinal plant of Western Ghats Gangaprasad, A; Decruse, S William; Seeni, S; Nair, G MIJBT Vol.4(2) [April 2005]265-270
Morphogenetic responses of six Philodendron cultivars in vitro Sreekumar, S; Mukunthakumar, S; Seeni, SIJEB Vol.39(12) [December 2001]1280-1287
Rapid in vitro multiplication and restoration of Celastrus paniculatus Willd. sub sp. paniculatus (Celastraceae), a medicinal woody climber Nair, Lakshmi G; Seeni, SIJEB Vol.39(07) [July 2001]697-704
A protocol for shoot multiplication from foliar meristem of vanda spathulata (L.) SprengDecruse, S William; Gangaprasad, A; Seeni, S; Menon, V SarojiniIJEB Vol.41(08) [August 2003]924-927