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Analysis of transient thermal cycling for life assessment of steam turbine rotorsPrasad, Y Maruthi; Shukla, A K; Roy, AmitavaJSIR Vol.66(7) [July 2007]536-544
Application of Refractive Index Mixing Rules in the Analysis of Binary Liquid MixturesPandey, J D; Shukla, A K; Shukla, R K; Rai, R DIJC-A Vol.27A(04) [April 1988]336-337
Distinctive Characteristics of Solar Wind Streams with regard to Cosmic Ray Intensity & Geomagnetic Field VariationShukla, J P; Shukla, A K; Singh, R L; Agrawal, S PIJRSP Vol.08(5&6) [October & December 1979]230-232
Effect of C-Ethoxycarbonyl-N-phenylnitrilimine on Radical Polymerization of Methyl MethacrylateKumar, P; Saini, S; Shukla, A K; Srivastava, A KIJC-A Vol.26A(04) [April 1987]326-327
Electrosynthesis and characterisation of (ZnCd)Se films on the basis of photoelectrochemical and impedance spectral studiesSingh, Kehar; Shukla, A K; Tanveer, Md RashidIJCT Vol.03(2) [March 1996]112-116
Harness the disease resistant Indian mustardShukla, A KBVAAP Vol.15(1) [June 2007]61-62
Harness the Potential of Indian Mustard Variety BasantiShukla, A KBVAAP Vol.14(1) [June 2006]39-40
Impact of improved technology for increasing productivity of Soya beanShukla, A KBVAAP Vol.12(2) [December 2004]325-326
Interaction studies of guanosine-DMSO-water systemMisra, K; Puri, A K; Shukla, A K; Haroon, S; Pandey, J DIJC-A Vol.36A(07) [July 1997]560-564
Interplanetary Magnetic Field Associated Changes in Cosmic Ray Intensity & Geomagnetic Field during 1973-75Singh, R L; Shukla, J P; Shukla, A K; Sharma, S M; Agrawal, S PIJRSP Vol.08(5&6) [October & December 1979]237-241
Kinetics of Polymerization of Methyl Acrylate Using a Heterocyclic Ylide as an InitiatorShukla, A K; Saini, (Miss) S; Kumar, P; Srivastava, A KIJC-A Vol.24A(12) [December 1985]1054-1055
Photoelectrochemical studies on thermally treated (ZnCd) Se filmsShukla, A K; Singh, KamanIJC-A Vol.41A(02) [February 2002]308-311
Rust Resistance Studies in Some Linseed GermplasmShukla, A KBVAAP Vol.12(1) [June 2004]95-97
Solar Activity Effects on Cosmic Ray Intensity & Geomagnetic Field VariationShukla, A K; Shukla, J P; Sharma, S M; Singh, R L; Agrawal, S PIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]179-181
Optimization of method to alleviate in vitro shoot tip necrosis in Trichosanthes dioica Roxb.Kishore, Kundan; Patnaik, Samiksha; Shukla, A KIJBT Vol.14(1) [January 2015]107-111
Growth, yield and economics of rain fed chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) as influenced by integrated weed management Kaushik, S S; Rai, Anil Kumar; Sirothia, Pawan; Sharma, Ashok Kumar; Shukla, A KIJNPR Vol.5(3) [September 2014]282-285
Viscosity of ternary liquid systems and the significant structure theoryPandey, J D; Shukla, A K; Shikha; Tripathi, NeelimaIJC-A Vol.33A(07) [July 1994]613-615