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Dioxouranium(VI) Complexes with Some N and O Donor LigandsSingh, B; Singh, R NIJC-A Vol.26A(08) [August 1987]702-704
Dissolution and inhibition of Monel (400) alloy in aqueous formic and acetic acid solutionsSingh, V B; Singh, R N; Gupta, ArchanaIJCT Vol.08(2) [March 2001]75-82
The Earth's Magnetopause and Related PhenomenaSingh, R NIJRSP Vol.16(1) [February 1987]161-171
Electrocatalytic characterization of new La1-xSrxCoO3 films on Pt for use as oxygen anode in alkaline solutionsSingh, R N; Lal, BIJC-A Vol.40A(10) [October 2001]1037-1044
Electrocatalytic properties of La-manganites prepared by low temperature synthesisSharma, T; Singh, N K; Tiwari, S K; Singh, R NIJEMS Vol.05(1) [February 1998]38-42
Electrocatalytic properties of lanthanum manganite-based oxides obtained by a low temperature methodJain, A N; Tiwari, S K; Singh, R NIJC-A Vol.37A(02) [February 1998]125-129
Electrocatalytic properties of Sr-doped LaMnO3 obtained by a new sol-gel route in relation to O2 evolution in alkaline solutionLal, B; Singh, N K; Singh, R NIJC-A Vol.40A(12) [December 2001]1269-1276
Electrochemical characterization of composite films of polypyrrole and La₁₋xSrxCoO₃ (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.4) for electrocatalysis of O₂ reductionSingh, R N; Malviya, M; AninditaIJCA Vol.46A(12) [December 2007]1923-1928
Electrochemical characterization of polypyrrole/cobalt ferrite composite films for oxygen reductionMalviya, M; Singh, J P; Singh, R NIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2233-2239
Influence of substitution of Ru on the electrocatalytic properties of the perovskite-type LaSrNiO₄ electrode towards methanol oxidationSingh, R N; Singh, A; Anindita; Mishra, D; Tiwari, S K; Gunjan, M KIJCA Vol.47A(8) [August 2008]1187-1193
Intensity Variations of WhistlersSingh, V; Singh, R NIJRSP Vol.13(5) [October 1984]143-150
Ionospheric Dispersion of Whistler Mode Waves in the Presence of Longitudinal Static Electric FieldGupta, G P; Singh, R NIJRSP Vol.05(1) [March 1976]23-27
Lightning produced nitrogen oxides in the lower atmosphere - An overviewSingh, R P; Patel, R P; Singh, Rajesh; Singh, R NIJRSP Vol.34(4) [August 2005]248-254
Magnetic & Spectral Studies on Some Binuclear Copper(II) ComplexesSingh, B; Singh, R N; Aggarwal, R CIJC-A Vol.24A(06) [June 1985]518-520
Magnetic, Spectral & Antibacterial Studies of 2-Furoylhydrazine Complexes with Some Bivalent Metal IonsSingh, B; Singh, R N; Aggarwal, R CIJC-A Vol.23A(12) [December 1984]1016-1020
Magnetospheric research as accomplished by IMS missionSingh, R NIJRSP Vol.19(5&6) [October & December 1990]466-483
Preparation and characterization of iron-polypyrrole-carbon composite for use as methanol tolerant cathode material in direct methanol fuel cellsMadhu; Sharma, C S; Singh, R NIJC-A Vol.52A(11) [November 2013]1383-1390
Propagation of whistler waves and their instability in the magenetosphereSingh, V; Singh, R NIJRSP Vol.18(2) [April 1989]37-43
Scintillation study at VaranasiSingh, R P; Singh, U P; Singh, A K; Singh, R NIJRSP Vol.22(1) [February 1993]17-21
Some features of low latitude second and third harmonic tweeksSingh, R N; Singh, R P; Singh, U P; Singh, AKIJRSP Vol.21(6) [December 1992]377-380