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Effect of process conditions on microstructure and performance of thermally evaporated InSb thin filmsSingh, Sukhvir; Lal, Kasturi; Srivastava, A K; Sood, K N; Kishore, RamIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]55-63
Experimental Study of the Photocatalytic Behaviour of Zinc Oxide Nanostructure for Cationic Dye (Malachite Green)Anju; Jha, Ranjana; Singh, SukhvirIJEMS Vol.30(5) [October]724-728
Investigation of vacuum evaporated SnTe thin films for their structural, electrical and thermoelectric propertiesTanwar, Praveen; Singh, Sukhvir; Panwar, A K; Srivastava, A KIJPAP Vol.58(10) [October 2020]740-749
Investigation on magnetic carbon nanofoam compositesPant, R P; Arora, Manju; Lal, Chhotey; Annveer; Singh, Sukhvir; Mathur, R BIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]363-366
Investigations of structural, chemical and physical properties of natural lac and its reinforced compositesSingh, Sukhvir; Singh, Vandana; Gupta, AshishIJPAP Vol.56(01) [January 2018]69-75
Microstructural characteristics and optical performance of nano-structured thin films of tin oxideJain, Parveen; Singh, Sukhvir; Siddiqui, Azher Majid; Srivastava, Avanish KIJPAP Vol.55(06) [June 2017]385-393
Microstructural features, electrical and optical properties of nanostructured InSb thin films deposited at 373 KSingh, Sukhvir; Srivastava, A K; Lal, K; Tomokiyo, Y; Sharma, S K; Kishore, RIJEMS Vol.13(4) [August 2006]339-346
A study on environmental corrosion of gilded heritage structures of Royal Palace Patan, NepalSingh, Vandana; Singh, SukhvirIJPAP Vol.55(12) [December 2017]890-895
Surface modification of thermally evaporated CdTe thin films for sensing application of organic compoundsSingh, Sukhvir; Pundir, Sandeep K; Jain, Parveen; Singh, S PIJPAP Vol.55(10) [October 2017]701-709
Surface studies of a 2400-year old corrosion resistant ancient Indian Iron ArtifactSingh, Vandana; Singh, SukhvirIJCT Vol.25(4) [July 2018]396-399
Synthesis of nanostructured thin films for resolution and diffraction/ camera length calibration of transmission electron microscopesSingh, Sukhvir; Singh, Dinesh; Singh, ManjriIJPAP Vol.57(03) [March 2019]157-165
Uncertainty Measurements in Chemically Synthesized Stable Uniform Sized Gold Nanoparticles for TEM/HRTEM CalibrationSingh, Sukhvir; Singh, Manjri; Arora, Manju; Singh, Dinesh; Singh, Surinder PIJPAP Vol.59(02) [February 2021]83-91