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Capillary rise in woven fabrics by electrical principleBabu, V Ramesh; Koushik, C V; Lakshmikantha, C B; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.36(1) [March 2011]99-102
Compressibility of plain weft knitted fabricsBegum, Akthar; Subramaniam, VSpecial issue: IJFTR Vol.19(3) [September 1994]185-188
Design and fabrication of crushing instrument to study the influence of lateral deformation on fibrous assemblyMurugan, R; Dasaradan, B S; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.33(3) [September 2008]258-263
Development of instruments for measuring breaking twist angle and shear strength of cotton fibresHusnara, Fathima; Subramaniam, V; RoshanaraIJFTR Vol.33(3) [September 2008]269-273
Durability of modal and its blends: Part IVatsala, R; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.16(4) [December 1991]257-262
Durability of modal and its blends: Part IIVatsala, R; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.17(1) [March 1992]27-31
Effect of finishing agents on low-stress mechanical properties of cotton full voile fabricSelvaraju, K; Venkatachalam, A; Jayachandran, K; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.25(3) [September 2000]211-216
Evaluation of a new single parameter for characterising the compressional properties of weft-knitted fabricsGunasekaran, G; Koushik, C V; Subramaniam, V; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.36(3) [September 2011]242-247
Fibre migration in compact spun yarns: Part II – Mechanical compact yarnGanesan, S; Venkatachalam, A; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.32(2) [June 2007]163-168
Horizontal liquid spreading behaviour of hybrid yarn woven fabric using embedded image analysis principleRaja, D; Kouhik, C V; Ramakrishnan, G; Babu, V Ramesh; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.37(4) [December 2012]381-384
Influence of critical ring frame parameters on the minimum twist of cohesion in yarnsGokarneshan, N; Ghosh, Anindya; Anbumani, N; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]342-345
Influence of material and process parameters on the inter- fibre cohesion in ring-spun yarnsGokarneshan, N; Subramaniam, V; Anbumani, NIJFTR Vol.33(2) [June 2008]203-212
An investigation on the minimum twist of cohesion of ring and compact spun yarnsGokarneshan, N; Anbumani, N; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.30(3) [September 2005]340-343
Low-stress mechanical properties of sericin-coated polyester fabric for sportswear applicationKamalraj, D; Subramaniam, V; Kumar, B SenthilIJFTR Vol.48(2) [June 2023]198-203
Low-stress mechanical properties of weft knitted fabrics produced from regular and compact cotton spun yarnsFarid, Afrose Fathima; Roshanara; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.42(4) [December 2017]426-430
Studies in Fibre Friction: Part II-Influence of Fibre Friction on Cohesion, Configuration and Evenness of Fibre AssembliesSubramaniam, V; Sreenivasan, K; Pillay, K P RIJFTR Vol.06(1) [March 1981]16-21
Studies in Fibre Friction: Part I-Effect of Friction on Fibre Properties and Processing Performance of CottonSubramaniam, V; Sreenivasan, K; Pillay, K P RIJFTR Vol.06(1) [March 1981]9-15
Studies on the tensile characteristics of ring and rotor yarns using modified Weibull distributionRaghunathan, K; Subramaniam, V; Srinivasamoorthy, V RIJFTR Vol.27(4) [December 2002]358-361
A study on the properties of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics using a factorial design techniqueSubramaniam, V; Madhusoothanan, M; Debnath, C RIJFTR Vol.17(3) [September 1992]124-129
Thermal comfort properties of knitted fabrics produced from bamboo/polyester core-spun yarnsVidhya, M; Banu, K Parveen; D, Vasanth Kumar; Prakash, C; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.48(1) [March 2023]73-79