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Commercially important meroplankton production and fishery potential in the Gulf of MannarKrishnamoorthy, P; Arun, S; Subramanian, PIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]216-218
Effects of Salinity and Copper on Larval Development in Pistol Prawn, Alpheus malabaricus malabaricus FabriciusPerumal, P; Subramanian, PIJMS Vol.14(1) [March 1985]35-37
A flash photolysis study of the oxidation of aliphatic amines by phosphate radicalSubramanian, P; Rajaram, J; Ramakrishnan, V; Kuriacose, J CIJC-A Vol.30A(11) [November 1991]913-919
Microbiologically influenced corrosion in petroleum product pipelines - A reviewMuthukumar, N; Rajasekar, A; Ponmariappan, S; Mohanan, S; Maruthamuthu, S; Muralidharan, S; Subramanian, P; Palaniswamy, N; Raghavan, MIJEB Vol.41(09) [September 2003]1012-1022
N-Phthaloyl gamma-aminobutyric acid affects biochemical circadian rhythms in Wistar ratsSubramanian, P; Sundaresan, S; Balamurugan, E.IJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]360-364
Organisation of commercially supporting meroplankton in Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar biosphere reserve areas, southeast coast of IndiaKrishnamoorthy, P; Subramanian, PIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]211-215
Ornithine α-ketoglutarate modulates the levels of antioxidants and lipid peroxidation products in ammonium acetate treated ratsDakshayani, K B; Velvizhi, S; Subramanian, PIJBB Vol.39(6) [December 2002]422-424
Pharmacognostic studies on seed of Datura ferox L.Rao, P Padma; Subramanian, P; Sudhakar, P; Reddy, P RIJNPR Vol.5(4) [December 2014]326-331
Role of corrosion inhibitor on bacterial corrosion in petroleum product pipelinesMaruthamuthu, S; Mohanan, S; Rajasekar, A; Muthukumar, N; Ponmarippan, S; Subramanian, P; Palaniswamy, NIJCT Vol.12(5) [September 2005]567-575
Circadian clock genes in Drosophila: Recent developmentsSubramanian, P; Balamurugan, E; Suthakar, GIJEB Vol.41(08) [August 2003]797-804
Temporal expression patterns of timeless in vg and cryb mutants of Drosophila melanogaster Suthakar, G; Subramanian, P; Manivasagam, TIJBB Vol.42(2) [April 2005]87-91