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Biodegradation of poultry feathers by a novel bacterial isolate Bacillus altitudinis GVC11Kumar, E Vijay; Srijana, M; Chaitanya, K; Reddy, Y Harish Kumar; Reddy, GopalIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]502-507
Pyrene biodegradation by free and immobilized cells of Mycobacterium frederiksbergense using a solvent encapsulated systemSarma, Saurabh Jyoti; Pakshirajan, Kannan; Saamrat, K B GIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]496-501
RAPD profile and rDNA sequence analysis of Talaromyces flavus and Trichoderma speciesChakraborty, B N; Chakraborty, U; Sunar, K; Dey, P LIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]487-495
Cloning and expression of an intronless gene encoding endoglucanase from Aspergillus fumigatus MKU1Meera, B; Vanitha, M C; Ramani, G; Manjula, A; Gunasekaran, PIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]480-486
Comparative elucidation of properties of sucrase-cellobiase co-aggregate produced in media containing sucrose by Termitomyces clypeatusBanik, Samudra Prosad; Pal, Swagata; Ghorai, Shakuntala; Majumder, Rajib; Mukherjee, Soumya; Chowdhury, Sudeshna; Khowala, SumanIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]468-479
Adopting structural elements from intrinsically stable phytase— A promising strategy towards thermostable phytasesUshasree, Mrudula Vasudevan; Sumayya, Husaiba Beevi Salim; Pandey, AshokIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]458-467
Biocatalytic route for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical diol: A greener approachMeena, Vachan Singh; Banerjee, U CIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]452-457
In silico identification of B- and T-cell epitopes on OMPLA and LsrC from Salmonella typhi for peptide-based subunit vaccine designPrabhavathy, K; Perumal, P; SundaraBaalaji, NIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]440-451
In silico identification of putative drug targets in Klebsiella pneumonia MGH78578Georrge, John J; Umrania, ValentinaIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]432-439
Metabolism of cyclic-di-GMP in bacterial biofilms: From a general overview to biotechnological applicationsCastiglione, Nicoletta; Stelitano, Valentina; Rinaldo, Serena; Giardina, Giorgio; Caruso, Manuela; Cutruzzolà, FrancescaIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]423-431
Impact of infectious Candida albicans biofilm on biomaterialsSingh, Nivedita; Agrawal, Vishnu; Pemmaraju, Suma C; Panwar, Richa; Pruthi, VikasIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]417-422
Distribution of pathogenic factors in Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from intra-mammary infections in cattle and buffaloesSingh, R S; Kumar, Ravinder; Yadav, B RIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]410-416
Enzymatic detoxification of O2 and NO in the human parasite, Giardia intestinalis: A mini reviewTesta, Fabrizio; Giuffrè, Alessandro; Mastronicola, Daniela; Forte, Elena; Sarti, PaoloIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]404-409
Oxidative stress and brain diseases: Biomarkers and analytical methodologiesMancinelli, Rosanna; Barlocci, Eleonora; Palminiello, Sonia; Saso, LucianoIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]395-403
Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity of new Ho(III) and Er(III) complexesKostova, Irena; Grigorov, Petar; Balkansky, Stefan; Stefanova, TsvetankaIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]387-394
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15