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Biochemical and dynamic studies of collagen from human normal skin and keloid tissuePrathiba, V; Suryanarayanan, MIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]158-164
Effect of sulphur crosslinking on the stability and transition of triple helical DNASrivastava, Seema; Gupta, Vishwambhar Dayal; Singh, ShyamIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]177-187
Effect of water stress on proline content and transcript levels in Lathyrus sativusTyagi, Aruna; Santha, I M; Mehta, S LIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]207-210
Purification and characterization of flavokinase from Neurospora crassaRajeswari, Sivalenka Raja; Jonnalagadda, Vidya S; Jonnalagadda, SobhanadityaIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]137-142
Deconvolution of the fluorescence spectra into its component Gaussians: A method to analyze the binding of coumarin to bovine serum albuminBharathi, Sivakamasundari; Mishra, A KIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]188-194
Binding of cationic surfactants to DNA, protein and DNA-protein mixturesGani, SA; Chattoraj, D K; Mukherjee, DCIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]165-176
Characterization of a thermostable α-amylase from a thermophilic Streptomyces megasporus strain SD12Dey, Sabita; Agarwal, Shubha OIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]150-157
Designing of peptides with left handed helical structure by incorporating the unusual amino acidsNandel, Fateh S; Malik, Nandita; Virdi, Manju; Singh, BalvinderIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]195-203
Changes in myosin ATPase activity in skeletal muscles of rat during cold stressKatoch, Surender S; Soni, AnitaIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]204-206
Kinetic mechanism of glucose dehydrogenase from Halobacterium salinarumBhaumik, S R; Sonawat, H MIJBB Vol.36(3) [June 1999]143-149
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 10 of 10