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Inhibition of endocytotic functions in Dictyostelium discoideum treated with a carbamate pesticideGurumurthy, Y; Chatterjee, SIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]187-191
Protective effect of N-acetylcysteine against gamma ray induced damages in rats - Biochemical evaluationsSridharan, S; Shyamaladevi, C SIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]181-186
Induced liver tumour further support to a genetic marker with its high correlation with chorioallantoic membrane phenotypes in selected layer lines*Ghosh, A K; Pani, P KIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]144-150
Assessment of performance of UV sterilizer for room air bacteriaJoshi, P VIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]223-226
5-HT3 receptors in selective animal models of cognitionSridhar, N; Veeranjaneyulu, A; Arulmozhi, D K; Gupta, C N V H B; Babu, R JIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]174-180
Native state, energetic interaction of chlorophyll precursors and intraplastid location of S-adenosyl-L-methionine: Mg-protoporphyrin IX methyltransferase in etiolated leavesAverina, Natalia; Rassadina, Valentina; Fradkin, LeonidIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]192-201
Effects of short term treatment of solasodine on cauda epididymis in dogsGupta, R S; Dixit, V PIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]169-173
Peripheral nerve connections influence the appearance of neurosecretary material in neural sheath of ventral ganglion of the fly Sarcophaga bullata: An immunocytochemical studySivasubramanian, P; Sood, Prem PrakashIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]139-143
Phospholipase A2-activating protein-An important regulatory molecule in modulating cyclooxygenase-2 and tumor necrosis factor production during inflammationRibardo, Deborah A; Peterson, Johnny W; Chopra, Ashok KIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]129-138
Acute and sub-acute effects of 2-butenoic acid-3-(diethoxy phosphinothioyl) methyl ester (RPR-II) on testis of albino rat*Khan, I A; Reddy, B V; Mahboob, M; Rahman, M F; Jamil, KaiserIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]162-168
Induction of metabolic shocks in source and sink of two cucurbits by molybdenum stressKaushik, Seema; Govil, C MIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]202-205
Protein mediated cholesterol absorption in locusts Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal) and Locusta migratoria (Linn)Upadhyay, Ravi Kant; Agarwal, H.C.; Dhar, RaviIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]151-161
In vitro propagation of Lagerstromia parviflora Roxb. from adult treeTiwari, S K; Kashyap, M K; Ujjaini, M M; Agrawal, A PIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]212-215
High frequency in vitro production of microrhizomes of Curcuma amadaNayak, SanghamitraIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]230-232
Reversibility of oxygen induced inactivation of nitrogenase in some enterobacteriaKannan, V; Raju, P NIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]227-229
Partial molecular characterization of some kiwi fruit cultivars by RAPD markersShirkot, Poonam; Sharma, D R; Mohapatra, T.; Shirkot, C KIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]233-236
Potentiality of a new compound for in vitro differentiation between halophilic and non-halophilic vibriosRay, R; Das, A K; Dutta, N K; Chakrabarty, A N; Chaudhuri, B N; Seth, S; Dastidar, Sujata GIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]220-222
Impact of copper application on soil metabolism, energy budget and formation of stable aggregates by anecic earthworm in tea plantationsPatnaik, AlivaIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]216-219
RAPD based DNA markers linked to anthracnose disease resistance in Sorghum bicolor ( L.) Moench.Panday, S; Sindhu, A; Boora, KSIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]206-211
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19