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Determination of accuracy of particle size by acoustic scattering using a modified Born approximationSaha, Ratan K; Sharma, Subodh KIJPAP Vol.46(11) [November 2008]761-770
Effect of hydrogen and nitrogen incorporation on the properties of tetrahedral amorphous carbon films grown using S bend filtered cathodic vacuum arc processPanwar, O S; Khan, Mohd Alim; Bhagavanarayana, G; Dixit, P N; Kumar, Sushil; Rauthan, C M SIJPAP Vol.46(11)) [November 2008]797-805
Effect of growth parameters on structural, electrical and optical properties of titanium oxide thin filmsSankar, S; Gopchandran, K GIJPAP Vol.46(11)) [November 2008]791-796
Zone-centre phonon frequencies for inverse spinel structure compoundsKushwaha, A KIJPAP Vol.46(11)) [November 2008]788-790
Diamond and diamond-like carbon in laser heated diamond anvil cell at 16.5 GPa and above 2000 K from pyrolitic graphiteKumar, N R Sanjay; Shekar, N V Chandra; Sekar, M; Subramanian, N; Mohan, P Chandra; Srinivasan, M P; Parameswaran, P; Sahu, P ChIJPAP Vol.46(11)) [November 2008]783-787
Effect of carbon content on the mechanical properties of ternary boron-nitrogen-carbon compoundChowdhury, M Pal; Dalui, S; Chakraborty, B R; Mukherjee, A; Pal, A KIJPAP Vol.46(11)) [November 2008]776-782
Study of thermal properties of nickel using embedded-atom-methodHayat, S S; Choudhry, M A; Ahmad, S A; Akhter, J I; Hussain, AltafIJPAP Vol.46(11)) [November 2008]771-775
Calculation of power density distribution in miniature neutron source detector using the MTR_PC V2.6 code packageKhamis, I; Ghazi, NIJPAP Vol.46(11)) [November 2008]755-760
Charge-carrier injection and extraction at metal-dielectric contact under an applied electric fieldNeagu, Eugen RIJPAP Vol.46(11)) [November 2008]809-814
Optical band gap of In₀․₁Bi₁․₉Te₃ thin filmsSoni, P H; Bhavsar, S R; Pandya, G R; Desai, C FIJPAP Vol.46(11)) [November 2008]806-808
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 10 of 10