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Precision forming of micro-sized piezoceramics with a high aspect ratioJeon, Jae-Ho; Choi, Si-Young; Kim, Jong Hyun; Chang, Suk SangIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]329-332
Butt cold welding by overlapping sideGeorgescu, Bogdan; Paunoiu, Viorel; Mircea, OctavianIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]311-314
Technique for online controlling the cutting process stabilityEpureanu, Alexandru; Marinescu, Vasile; Constantin, Ionut C; Banu, Mihaela; Frumusanu, Gabriel RIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]277-282
An experimental study on the response of equal channel angular pressed aluminium subjected to cold rollingGurău, G; Gurău, C; Braz-Fernandes, F M; Bujoreanu, L GIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]253-258
New approaches for springback-based offline dimensional control in sheet metal formingPaunoiu, ViorelIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]303-310
Properties of Al2O3 and NiAlSi coatings obtained by atmospheric plasma spraying on 34CrNiMo6 substrateAvram, Petru; Imbrea, Marius Stelian; Istrate, Bogdan; Strugaru, Sorin Iacob; Benchea, Marcelin; Munteanu, CorneliuIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]315-321
Numerical modelling and experimental validation of the pneumatic powder injection into liquid alloysJezierski, Jan; Buliński, Zbigniew; Janerka, Krzysztof; Stawarz, Marcin; Kaczmarek, KonradIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]322-328
Study of microindentation and differential scanning calorimetry of reinforced polyamideMindru, Teodor Daniel; Nedelcu, DumitruIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]333-340
Fabrication of Mg-based bulk metallic glasses by pressure die casting methodBorowski, A; Guwer, A; Gawlas-Mucha, A; Babilas, R; Nowosielski, RIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]259-264
Fabrication of copper-titanium powders prepared by mechanical alloyingGuwer, A; Nowosielski, R; Borowski, A; Babilas, RIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]265-271