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Preparation of lanthanum- β-alumina with high surface area by a homogeneous precipitation method for use as catalyst supportParida, K M; Das, J; Rao, S BIJEMS Vol.03(2) [April 1996]79-82
Rechargeable iodine batteries based on charge transfer materials having mixed conductionSingh, Ram Adhar; Rao, O S; Singh, V KIJEMS Vol.03(1) [February 1996]23-30
Rechargeable organic batteries based on charge-transfer materials-II: Compositional dependence and charge-discharge characteristics of aromatic diamine-iodine systemsSingh, V K; Rao, O S; Singh, R AIJEMS Vol.03(5) [October 1996]201-206
Characterisation of titania, zirconia and alumina powders for their surface area and pore size distributionSeshadri, K S; Sumangala, R K; Raj, S S; Lal, K B; Panicker, P K; Krishnasamy, VIJEMS Vol.03(2) [April 1996]85-87
Solids circulation in a recirculating fluidized bed under sticky conditionsAlappat, Bahu J; Rane, V CIJEMS Vol.03(3) [June 1996]91-95
Cure kinetics of epoxy formulations with diaminodiphenyl methaneSiddararnaiah; Jagadeesh, K S; Prabhakara, GIJEMS Vol.03(3) [June 1996]114-118
Estimation of shock-cell structure of axisymmetric supersonic free jetsMehta, R C; Prasad, J KIJEMS Vol.03(4) [August 1996]141-147
Fabrication of p+ implanted shallow junctions with TiSi2 in Si MOS structureJana, T; Bose, D N; Subrahmanyam, P V SIJEMS Vol.03(4) [August 1996]148-151
Effect of process variables on the yield and strength of alumina hydrate precipitated from aluminate liquorPatnaik, S C; Satapathy, B K; Pradhan, BIJEMS Vol.03(2) [April 1996]73-78
On-line estimation of colour, turbidity and pH values in sugar refining process Govindaraj, R; Sankaranarayanan, P EIJEMS Vol.03(3) [June 1996]96-100