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Feeding behaviour and preying efficiency of Metapenaeus dobsoniBalasubramanian, T; Devi, C B Lalithambika; Krishanankutty, MIJMS Vol.08(3) [September 1979]197-200
Energy value of suspended detritus from some stations along the west coast of IndiaSumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Wafar, M V M; Krishnakumari, LIJMS Vol.08(3) [September 1979]192-193
Amylase Activity of the Digestive System in Marine Penaeid Prawns, Parapenaeopsis hardwickii & P. styliferaKulkarni, G K; Nagabhushanam, R; Joshi, P KIJMS Vol.08(3) [September 1979]195-197
Energy content of the Wedge Clam, Donax incarnatus GmelinBalasubramanian, T; Sumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Kumari, L KrishnaIJMS Vol.08(3) [September 1979]193-195
Diel Variations in Occurrence of Penaeid Larvae in Estuarine and Nearshore Waters of GoaGoswami, S. C.; George, M. J.IJMS Vol.07(1) [March 1978]33-38
Sandy Beach at Baina, Goa: Its Ecology & ProductionAchuthankutty, C. T.; Stirling, ANN; Nair, Shanta; Bharathi, P. A. Loka; Menezes, Maria R.IJMS Vol.07(1) [March 1978]23-29
Marine Fouling and Timber Deterioration in Sub-Oceanic Islands of AndamansKarande, A. A.IJMS Vol.07(1) [March 1978]39-43
Distributions of Some Elements in the Sediments of Gulf of KutchMurty, P. S. N.; Paropakari, A. L.; Rao, Ch. Madhusudana; Topgi, R. S.IJMS Vol.07(1) [March 1978]44-46
Aggregation of Acetes johni (Crustacea: Decapoda: Sergestidae) off Maharashtra CoastNair, Vijayalakshmi R.IJMS Vol.06(2) [December 1977]186-187
Generic Diversity of Scleractinians Around Poshetra Point, Gulf of KutchPatel, M. I.IJMS Vol.07(1) [March 1978]30-32