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Estimation of growth, mortality and exploitation of lesser tiger toothed croaker Otolithes cuvieri (Trewavas. 1974) in PakistanMemon, Khadim Hussain; Liu, Qun; Kalhoro, Muhsan Ali; Chang, Mohammad Saleem; Mirjat, Abul NabiIJMS Vol.44(01) [January 2015]63-68
Study on the growth of three species of silverbellies from the South-East Coast of IndiaKizhakudan, Shoba JoeIJMS Vol.43(2) [February 2014]263-270
Effects of solar radiation on photosynthesis and pigmentation in the red alga Pyropia yezoensis Ueda (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)-IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1659-1666
Age, growth and mortality studies of Indian squid, Uroteuthis (Photololigo) duvauceli (d’ Orbigny) along Ratnagiri Coast of Maharashtra, IndiaPawar, Nitin; Nirmale, V.H.; Metar, S.Y.; Bhosale, B.P.; Sawant, M.S; Naik, S.D.IJMS Vol.44(01) [January 2015]93-96
Stock Assessment of white fish, Lactarius lactarius (Bloch and Schneider,1801) along Ratnagiri Coast of Maharashtra, IndiaPawase, A.S.; Metar, S.Y.; Sawant, M.S.; Barve, S.K.; Akhade, R.R.; Pai, R.IJMS Vol.44(01) [January 2015]115-117
Antiviral property and growth promoting potential of Punarnava, Boerhaavia diffusa in tiger prawn cultureChithambaran, Sambhu; David, SherlyIJMS Vol.43(12) [December 2014]2236-2243
Studies on growth and stock assessment of Saurida undosquamis (Richardson, 1848) from Mumbai coast, IndiaMetar, SantoshY.; Chakraborty, S. K.; Jaiswar, A.K.; Sudheesan, Deepa; Sajina, A. M.IJMS Vol.40(1) [February 2011]59-61
Growth, age and reproduction of the commercially clams Venerupis aurea and Ruditapes decussatus in Timsah Lake, Suez Canal, Egypt Mohammad, Samya Hussein; Belal, Aisha Ahmed Mohammed; Hassan, Sosan Saad ZaghloulIJMS Vol.43(4) [April 2014]589-600
Effects of solar radiation on photosynthesis and pigmentation in the red alga Pyropia yezoensis Ueda (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)Xin-shu, Li; Zi-hui, Feng; Pei-min, HeIJMS Vol.43(4) [April 2014]473-480
Stock assessment of the Indian scad, Decapterus russelli (Ruppell, 1830) from Mumbai watersPoojary, Nalini; Tiwari, L.R.; Chakraborty, S.K.IJMS Vol.40(5) [October 2011]680-686