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Trophic structure and levels of selected metals in the zooplankton community of Thane-Bassein creek, BombayNair, Vijayalakshmi R; Krishnamurti, Asha Jyothi; Gajbhiye, S NIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]173-183
Species composition, abundance and distribution of hydromedusae from Dharamtar estuarine system, adjoining Bombay harbourSanthakumari, V; Tiwari, L R; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]158-162
Concentration of metals in fishes from Thane and Bassein creeks of Bombay, IndiaKrishnamurti, Asha Jyothi; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]39-44
Distribution of hydromedusae from the exclusive economic zone of the west and east coasts of IndiaSanthakumari, V; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]150-157
Concentration of metals in shrimps and crabs from Thane - Bassein creek system, MaharashtraKrishnamurti, Asha Jyothi; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]92-95
Copepods of the nearshore waters of BombayGajbhiye, S N; Stephen, Rosamma; Nair, Vijayalakshmi R; Desai, B NIJMS Vol.20(3) [September 1991]187-194
Unusual Congregation of Salps Off Veraval and Bombay, West Coast of IndiaLodh, Neelam M; Gajbhiye, S N; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.17(2) [June 1988]128-130
Biological characteristics of the Vashishti estuary, Maharashtra (west coast of India)Nair, Vijayalakshmi R; Mustafa, S; Mehta, Pratik; Govindan, K; Ram, M Jiyalal; Gajbhiye, S NIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]310-316
Zooplankton standing and diversity in the Gulf of Kachchh with special reference to larvae of decapoda and piscesPaulinose, V T; Devi, C B Lalithambika; Nair, Vijayalakshmi R; Ramaiah, Neelam; Gajbhiye, S NIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]340-345
Unusual thickening of collarette in Sagitta bedoti (Chaetognatha) from the polluted environments of Bombay coastNair, Vijayalakshmi R; Nagasawa, Sachiko; Ramaiah, Neelam; Nemoto, TakahisaIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]296-299