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Phenotypic plasticity of Cycloseris somervillei (Scleractinia: Fungiidae) in Andaman & Nicobar Islandsmondal, Tamal; Raghunathan, C.; Venkataraman, K.IJMS Vol.42(5) [September 2013]611-616
Post Bleaching recruitment of scleractinian corals in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, special reference to Acropora sp.Mondal, Tamal; Raghunathan, C.; Venkataraman, K.IJMS Vol.43(8) [August 2014]1526-1527
New recruitment of diverse scleractinian corals in little Andaman Island after tsunamiMondal, Tamal; Raghunathan, C.; RamakrishnaIJMS Vol.40(5) [October 2011]653-656
The effect of sea brine and bittern on survival and growth of mangrove Avicennia marina (Dicotyledones : Avicenniaceae)Tewari, A.; Joshi, H. V.; Raghunathan, C.; Trivedi, R. H.; Ghosh, P. K.IJMS Vol.32(1) [March 2003]52-56
mpact of turbidity on intertidal macrofauna at Gopnath, Mahuva and Veraval coasts (west coast of India)Raghunathan, C.; Tewari, A.; Joshi, H. V.; Kumar, V. G. Sravan; Trivedi, R. H.; Khambhaty, YasminIJMS Vol.32(3) [September 2003]214-221
Imposex in rock whelks Thais and Ocenebra species (Mollusca, Neogastropoda, Muricidae) from Gujarat coast Tewari, A.; Raghunathan, C.; Joshi, H. V.; Khambhaty, YasminIJMS Vol.31(4) [December 2002]321-328
Coral bleaching in Andaman Sea – an indicator for climate change in Andaman and Nicobar IslandsMondal, Tamal; Raghunathan, C.; Venkataraman, K.IJMS Vol.43(10) [October 2014]1945-1948
Space competition studies between Briareum violaceum (Octocorallia; Alcyonacea) and scleractinian corals in Shark Island, north Andaman, IndiaGeetha, S.; Kumar, J. S. Yogesh; Raghunathan, C.; Sornaraj, R.IJMS Vol.47(12) [December 2018]2390-2394
Report on status of invasive Tubastraea coccinea Lesson, 1829 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, IndiaMondal, Tamal; Raghunathan, C.; Chandra, KailashIJMS Vol.47(11) [November 2018]2241-2247
Age and growth of fungiid corals of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, IndiaMondal, Tamal; Raghunathan, C.IJMS Vol.46(08) [August 2017]1632-1640