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Physico-chemical and antigenic characterization of unconventional heavy chain antibodies of Indian desert camel (Camelus dromedarius L.) Sehrawat, Sharvan; Singh, AjitIJBB Vol.41(6) [December 2004]299-304
Role of protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors in cancer therapeuticsBhise, S B; Nalawade, Abhijit D; Wadhawa, HiteshIJBB Vol.41(6) [December 2004]273-280
Biological monitoring of lead and cadmium in human hair and nail and their correlations with biopsy materials, age and exposureMehra, Rita; Juneja, MeenuIJBB Vol. 41(1) [February 2004]53-56
Transport studies through liquid membranes of ciprofloxacin and norfloxacinNagappa, A N; Kole, P L; Pandi, P V; Patil, R TIJBB Vol. 41(1) [February 2004]48-52
cAMP-mediated upregulation of gelatinases in primary cultures of isolated rat hepatocytesSaja, K; Sudhakaran, P RIJBB Vol.41(6) [December 2004]294-298
Purification and characterization of an extracellular agglutinin from Tricophyton rubrum with specificity towards sialic acid containing glycoconjugatesBhowal, J; Mitra, A; Banerjee, S; Sikdar, S; Guha, A K; Chatterjee, B PIJBB Vol. 41(2 & 3) [April-June 2004]81-88
Measurement of urinary oxalate by grain sorghum leaf oxalate oxidase immobilized to affixed alkylamine glass beadsKumari, M; Pundir, C SIJBB Vol. 41(2 & 3) [April-June 2004]102-106
Purification and characterization of cinnamyl alcohol-NADPH-dehydrogenase from the leaf tissues of a basin mangrove Lumnitzera racemosa Willd.Murugan, K; Arunkumar, N S; Mohankumar, CIJBB Vol. 41(2 & 3) [April-June 2004]96-101
Genetic transformation in Aspergilli: Tools of the tradePrabha, V Lakshmi; Punekar, N SIJBB Vol.41(5) [October 2004]205-215
o-Phthalic acid, a dead-end product in one of the two pathways of phenanthrene degradation in Pseudomonas sp. strain PP2Krishnan, Samyuktha; Prabhu, Yogikala; Phale, Prashant SIJBB Vol.41(5) [October 2004]227-232