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Occurrence of a new ascidian species - Distaplia nathensis sp. nov. and two species - Eusynstyela tincta (Van Name 1902), Phallusia nigra (Savigny, 1816) new records for Indian watersMeenakshi, V KIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]477-479
Conservation of marine mammals in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of IndiaDhandapani, P; Alfred, J R BIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]506-508
Recurring fish mortalities at Versova stress exigency for new strategies of conservationSingh, V. V.; Raje, S. G.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]502-505
Pharmacological activities of extracts of some marine animals and plants on isolated tissues of the guinea-pigNazarine, F.; Anita, F.; Rataboli, P. V.; D'Souza, R S Diniz; Dhume, V. G.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]499-501
Concentration of petroleum hydrocarbons in bivalve Mytilopsis sallei and in the harbour waters of Visakhapatnam, east coast of IndiaMohan, P Chandra; Prakash, R RaghuIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]496-498
Physiological responses of a clam Gafrarium divaricatum (Gmelin) to xylene, benzene and gear oil-WSFTendulkar, S. P.; Kulkarni, B. G.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]492-495
Settlement pattern of the larvae of Hydroides elegans (Polychaeta) in the presence of petroleum hydrocarbon compoundsPaul, M; Abraham, M J; Menon, N RIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]489-491
Diel variations in zooplankton populations in mangrove ecosystem at Gaderu canal, southeast coast of IndiaMohan, P. Chandra; Sreenivas, N.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]486-488
Insect trappings in Arabian Sea with special reference to west coast of IndiaPathak, S. C.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]482-485
Hermatypic corals of the Goa Coast, west coast of IndiaRodrigues, C L; Caeiro, S; Raikar, S VIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]480-481
A note on the ancient mangroves of Goa, central west coast of IndiaMascarenhas, Antonio; Chauhan, Onkar S.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]473-476
Computer aided taxonomy (CAT): Approach for understanding systematics of marine biotaChavan, Vishwas; Kavlekar, D P; Chandramoham, DIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]469-472
Internet vis-a-vis marine biologyChavan, VishwasIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]463-468
Fishery resources in the Indian EEZ: Recommendations for deep-sea fisheries developmentSomvanshi, V. S.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]457-462
Demersal fishery resources of monsoon months along central west coast of IndiaNaik, S. K.; Tamilarasan, P.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]449-456
Exploration of demersal fishery resources through satellite derived thermal signatureDwivedi, R. M.; Raman, Mini; Narain, A.; Paul, Kirubakaran; Ponnappan, K. K.; Verghese, C. P.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]443-448
Seasonal trends in the fishery resources off Gujarat: Salient observation using NOAA AVHRRSolanki, H U; Raman, Mini; Kumari, Beena; Dwivedi, R M; Narain, AIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]438-442
Cytotoxicity and bioactivity of some marine animalsIndap, Madhavi M; Pathare, Sujala PIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]433-437
Biological observations on the pufferfishes of south Konkan coast with special reference to the net-damaging species Lagocephalus spadiceus (Osteichthyes, Tetraodontidae)Naik, S D; Jalihal, D RIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]426-432
Observations on large-scale destruction of fishing gear by the pufferfishes (family Tetraodontidae) along the south Konkan Coast (west coast of India)Naik, S. D.IJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]421-425
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46