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Inhibition of corrosion of mild steel by nitrite in aqueous solution in presence of aggressive ionsMehra, Rita; Soni, AditiIJEMS Vol.09(3) [June 2002]218-222
Preparation, characterization and ionic conductivity measurements of (1-x) KCl:x ZrO2 solid electrolyte systemGupta, Archana; Sil, AnjanIJEMS Vol.09(1) [February 2002]65-68
Microhardness studies on antimony single crystalRaval, Amit H; Joshi, Mihir J; Shah, B SIJEMS Vol.09(1) [February 2002]79-82
Influence of altered basalt on the burnability of portland cement clinkerEl-Alfi, El- Sayed AliIJEMS Vol.09(2) [April 2002]147-152
Inhibition of corrosion of mild steel by nitrite, hydrogen phosphate and molybdate ions in aqueous solution of sodium chlorideMehra, Rita; Soni, AditiIJEMS Vol.09(2) [April 2002]141-146
New condensation products as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in hydrochloric acid mediumRajappa, S K; Venkatesha, T VIJEMS Vol.09(3) [June 2002]213-217
A numerical study on the physics of mixing in two-dimensional supersonic streamAli, Mohammad; Fujiwara, Toshi; Pervez, AnwarIJEMS Vol.09(2) [April 2002]115-127
Kinetics of wet versus dry grinding of lignite by a porcelain millOzkan, A; Yekeler, MIJEMS Vol.09(3) [June 2002]181-186
High efficient contamination free clean heat productionSadhu, Pradip Kumar; Mukherjee, Sanat Kumar; Chakrabarti, Rupendranath; Chowdhury, Shamapada; Karan, Bhuwan Mohan; Gupta, Rajesh Kumar; Reddy, C V S CIJEMS Vol.09(3) [June 2002]172-176
Barnacle cleanship by simple chemical treatmentMurthy, P G K; John, Reji; Kumar, K V Sanil; Kumar, G V KrishnaIJEMS Vol.09(3) [June 2002]194-196