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Rapid surface roughness measurements of chromium carbon nitride hard filmsKuo, Chil-Chyuan; Huang, Po-JenhIJEMS Vol.19(4) [August 2012]229-236
Hybrid composite materials of anatase titania and conducting polyaniline: properties and chemical sensor applicationSubramanian, E; Ramalakshmi, R Dhana; Vijayakumar, N; Sivakumar, GIJEMS Vol.19(4) [August 2012]237-244
A study on influences of some process parameters on cold drawing of ferrous wiresÇetinarslan, Cem SIJEMS Vol.19(4) [August 2012]221-228
Development of rapid large batteries charging system with on-line LCD monitoringLin, Hsiung Cheng; Pan, Chia Yu; Zhan, Zhao YuanIJEMS Vol.22(3) [June 2015]256-260
State inspection scheme using scatter ratio Fisher techniqueWang, Mei; Zan, Hong Yang; Yang, Yong; Wang, Cheng AngIJEMS Vol.22(3) [June 2015]249-255
A simple approach for prediction of the volume of explosion gases of energetic compoundsJafari, M; Kamalvand, M; Keshavarz, M H; Zamani, A; Fazeli, HIJEMS Vol.22(6) [December 2015]701-706
Temperature effect on microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum film deposited on glass substratesHer, Shiuh-Chuan; Wang, Yi-HsiangIJEMS Vol.22(3) [June 2015]268-272
Microstructural development on AISI 1060 steel by FeW/B4C composite coating produced by using tungsten inert gas (TIG) processIslak, Serkan; Buytoz, Soner; Karagöz, MuzafferIJEMS Vol.19(4) [August 2012]253-259
Simulation of non-linear viscoelastic behavior of cross-linked mesoporous silica aerogels by depth-sensing indentationKucuk, YilmazIJEMS Vol.19(4) [August 2012]260-268
Fabrication of a high precision silicone rubber mold for replicating wax patterns of cylinder headsKuo, Chil-Chyuan; Shi, Zhong-ShengIJEMS Vol.19(3) [June 2012]157-162