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Microstructural development on AISI 1060 steel by FeW/B4C composite coating produced by using tungsten inert gas (TIG) processIslak, Serkan; Buytoz, Soner; Karagöz, MuzafferIJEMS Vol.19(4) [August 2012]253-259
Microstructural analysis and the influence of shot peening on stress corrosion cracking resistance of duplex stainless steel welded jointsJebaraj, A Vinoth; Ajaykumar, LIJEMS Vol.21(2) [April 2014]155-167
Slow cooling of hot rolled bars to eliminate hydrogen induced cracks in Cr-Mo steelsRavichandar, D; Nagashanmugam, K B; Balusamy, TIJEMS Vol.22(3) [June 2015]283-287
Effects of Nd/Gd ratio on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Mg-Gd-Y-Nd-Zr alloysLiu, Xuan; Le, Qichi; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Bao, Lei; Cui, JianzhongIJEMS Vol.22(1) [February 2015]14-22
Deformation characterization of cartridge brassVerma, Arun Kumar; Shingweker, A; Nihichlani, M; Singh, V; Mukhopadhyay, PrantikIJEMS Vol.20(4) [August 2013]283-288
Experimental investigation of pure aluminum sheets processed by constrained groove pressingWang, Zongshen; Liang, Ping; Guan, Yanjin; Liu, Yunxi; Jiang, LiangbinIJEMS Vol.21(2) [April 2014]121-127
Evaluation of drilled hole quality of Al-Si alloy/fly ash composites produced by powder metallurgical techniqueJailani, H Siddhi; Rajadurai, A; Mohan, B; Sornakumar, TIJEMS Vol.22(4) [August 2015]414-420
Effect of friction stir welding on microstructure and wear properties of 7022 aluminium alloyWang, H F; Wang, J L; Zuo, D W; Song, W W; Duan, XinglinIJEMS Vol.21(5) [October 2014]557-562
Microstructure, mechanical properties and technology of samples obtained by injection from arboblend V2 natureNedelcu, Dumitru; Comaneci, RaduIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]272-276
Performance evaluation of some steels as extrusion die on AA6063-type Al-Mg-Si alloyFayomi, O S I; Gbenebor, O P; Abdulwahab, M; Popoola, A P IIJEMS Vol.19(6) [December 2012]403-410