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Post-critical behaviour of a cantilever column subjected to combined tip-concentrated and uniformly distributed follower forceRao, B Nageswara; Rao, G VenkateswaraIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]53-56
Elegant and accurate closed form solutions to predict vibration and buckling behaviour of slender beams on Pasternak foundationRao, G Venkateswara; Raju, K KanakaIJEMS Vol.09(2) [April 2002]98-102
Simple design formula to evaluate the first axisymmetric frequency of moderately thick annular plates subjected to a uniform compressive load at the outer edgeRenjith, S; Rao, G VenkateswaraIJEMS Vol.10(6) [December 2003]441-451
Determination of the first transition of mode shapes for buckling and free vibration problems of uniform simply supported beams on variable two parameter elastic foundations through the concept of equivalent uniform Winkler foundationRao, G VenkateswaraIJEMS Vol.10(5) [October 2003]359-364
Influence of certain metal ions on thermoluminescence of A2O-CaF2-B2O3 glassesRao, G Venkateswara; Rao, G Srinivasa; Reddy, P Yadagiri; Veeraiah, NIJEMS Vol.09(4) [August 2002]282-288
Large amplitude vibrations of slender, uniform beams on elastic foundationRao, G VenkateswaraIJEMS Vol.10(1) [February 2003]87-91
Transition foundation modulus for the vibration problem of uniform initially stressed simply supported beams on Winkler foundationRao, G VenkateswaraIJEMS Vol.10(1) [February 2003]92-94
A simple method to predict the thermal post-buckling behaviour of columns on Pasternak foundationRao, G Venkateswara; Raju, K KanakaIJEMS Vol.10(3) [June 2003]177-182
Stability behaviour of angle ply plates subjected to various types of inplane loadingsSarma, M Adinarayana; Singh, Gajbir; Rao, G VenkateswaraIJEMS Vol.06(4) [August 1999]173-181
Revisit to the stability of a uniform cantilever column subjected to Euler and Beck loads—Effect of realistic follower forcesRao, G Venkateswara; Singh, GajbirIJEMS Vol.08(3) [June 2001]123-128