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Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and torque in drilling of E-glass/polyester compositesJayabal, S; Natarajan, UIJEMS Vol.17(6) [December 2010]463-470
Development of regression models and optimization of FCAW process parameter of 2205 duplex stainless steelRajkumar, G Bansal; Murugan, NIJEMS Vol.21(2) [April 2014]149-154
Casting process optimization for reducing the cold shut defect in castings using response surface methodologyKumar, J Yokesh; Amirthagadeswaran, K S; Gowrishankar, SripriyaIJEMS Vol.22(2) [April 2015]187-194
Prediction of surface roughness and delamination in end milling of GFRP using mathematical model and ANNRaj, P Praveen; Perumal, A Elaya; Ramu, PIJEMS Vol.19(2) [April 2012]107-120
Modeling and analysis by response surface methodology of hardness for submerged arc welded joints using developed agglomerated fluxesKumar, Ajay; Singh, Hari; Maheshwari, SachinIJEMS Vol.19(6) [December 2012]379-385
Prediction of tensile strength and microstructure characterization of immersed friction stir welding of aluminium alloy AA2014-T4Ghetiya, N D; Patel, K MIJEMS Vol.22(2) [April 2015]133-140
Optimization of gas protected stir casting process using GRA and TOPSISSharma, Amit; Belokar, R M; Kumar, SanjeevIJEMS Vol.24(6) [December 2017]437-446
Experimental investigations on wire electrical discharge machining characteristics of aluminum hybrid compositescKumar, T T Satheesh; Subramanian, R; Velmurugan, C; Vinoth, K SomasundaraIJEMS Vol.25(4) [August 2018]281-290
Experimental analysis and mathematical modeling of optimized cutting parameters in microturningSelvakumar, S; Ravikumar, RIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]397-408
Tribological behaviour of aluminium alloy 8011Magibalan, S; Senthilkumar, P; Senthilkumar, C; Prabu, MIJEMS Vol.26(1) [February 2019]43-50