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Examination of the effects of burnishing apparatus on surface roughness and hardness in burnishing processBasak, Hudayim; Sonmez, FikretIJEMS Vol.24(2) [April 2017]115-122
Prediction of the surface roughness and wheel wear of modern ceramic material (Al2O3) during grinding using multiple regression analysis modelKanakarajan, P; Sundaram, S.; Kumaravel, A; Rajasekar, R; Venkatachalam, RIJEMS Vol.24(3) [June 2017]182-186
Experimental analysis and mathematical modeling of optimized cutting parameters in microturningSelvakumar, S; Ravikumar, RIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]397-408
Multi-performance optimization of abrasive water jet machining of carbon epoxy composite materialDhanawade, Ajit; Kumar, ShailendraIJEMS Vol.25(5) [October 2018]406-416
Optimization of the surface roughness and material removal rate in turning of unidirectional glass fiber reinforced plastics using the fuzzy-grey relational techniqueKumar, Surinder; MeenuIJEMS Vol.26(1) [February 2019]7-19
Investigation of surface roughness for EN-31 by REDM with graphite electrodeDeepak; VipinIJEMS Vol.27(4) [August 2020]872-877
Machining performance enhancement of EN-31 diesteel using MWCNT mixed rotary EDMBajaj, Rajesh; Dixit, Amit Rai; Tiwari, Arun Kumar; Chauhan, Nitin KumarIJEMS Vol.27(2) [April 2020]309-319
Turning processes investigation of materials austenitic, martensitic and duplex stainless steels and prediction of cutting forces using artificial neural network (ANN) techniquesUlas, Hasan Basri; Ozkan, Murat TolgaIJEMS Vol.26(2) [April 2019]93-104
Performance assessment of air-water and TiO2 nanofluid mist spray cooling during turning hardened AISI D2 steelKumar, Ramanuj; Sahoo, Ashok Kumar; Mishra, Purna Chandra; Das, Rabin KumarIJEMS Vol.26(3&4) [June & August 2019]235-253
Comparison of performance of different tool electrodes during electrical discharge machiningSahu, Anshuman Kumar; Mahapatra, Siba SankarIJEMS Vol.26(3&4) [June & August 2019]186-199