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Multi-objective optimization of quality characteristics in single point incremental forming process by response surface methodologyKumar, Narinder; Belokar, R M; Agrawal, AnupamIJEMS Vol.26(3&4) [June & August 2019]254-264
Optimization of turning parameters of titanium chrome-molybdenum (Ti-Cr-Mo) alloy using taguchi methodSingh, Manpreet; Singh, Gagandeep; Jayant, ArvindIJEMS Vol.27(3) [June 2020]776-782
Exploring grindability of Ti-6Al-4V using an indigenously developed environment friendly micro pump based cooling systemMahata, Sirsendu; Mukhopadhyay, Manish; Banerjee, Ayan; Kundu, Arnab; Mandal, Bijoy; Das, SantanuIJEMS Vol.27(3) [June 2020]724-729
Experimental study on the influence of copper oxide nano-fluid on surface integrity in turning of AISI O1 steelShabgard, Mohammad Reza; Gholipoor, Ahad; Javid, Sajad LotfIJEMS Vol.27(3) [June 2020]677-686
Study of cutting ability of centrifugal cast HSS cutting tool in optimized process parametersMohapatra, Shubhashree; Sarangi, Hrushikesh; Sarangi, HrushikeshIJEMS Vol.28(2) [April 2021]198-208
Assessment of machinability of inconel 718: A comparative study of CVD & PVD coated toolsYadav, Rajiv Kumar; Chatterjee, Suman; Abhishek, Kumar; Mahapatra, Siba SankarIJEMS Vol.26(5&6) [October & December 2019]281-297
Optimization of process parameters for improving drilling quality and machining performance of abrasive assisted drilling on AISI D2 steelKumar, Parveen; Singh, Gurmeet; Jain, Vivek; Gupta, DheerajIJEMS Vol.25(1) [February 2018]33-41
Impact of post processing parameter on mechanical properties and surface roughness of selective laser sintered sand mold casting partArasu, I Vijay; Chockalingam, KIJEMS Vol.25(1) [February 2018]78-84
Influence of dominant variables and their optimization for nano powder blended EDM processSantarao, Korada; Prasad, C L V R S V; Swaminaidu, GurugubelliIJEMS Vol.26(5&6) [October & December 2019]356-362
MQL assisted cleaner machining using PVD TiAlN coated carbide insert: Comparative assessmentDas, Rabin Kumar; Sahoo, Ashok Kumar; Kumar, Ramanuj; Roy, Sudesna; Mishra, Purna Chandra; Mohanty, TanmayaIJEMS Vol.26(5&6) [October & December 2019]311-325