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Rapid surface roughness measurements of chromium carbon nitride hard filmsKuo, Chil-Chyuan; Huang, Po-JenhIJEMS Vol.19(4) [August 2012]229-236
Temperature effect on microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum film deposited on glass substratesHer, Shiuh-Chuan; Wang, Yi-HsiangIJEMS Vol.22(3) [June 2015]268-272
Optimization of surface roughness in turning unidirectional glass fiber reinforced plastics (UD-GFRP) composites using polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting toolKumar, Surinder; Meenu; Satsangi, P S; Sardana, H KIJEMS Vol.19(3) [June 2012]163-174
Surface finish improvement in ball nose end milling by optimizing operating conditions for different cutting timesSaikaew, Charnnarong; Baowan, ParametIJEMS Vol.22(1) [February 2015]38-50
Study of water assisted dry wire-cut electrical discharge machiningBoopathi, S; Sivakumar, KIJEMS Vol.21(1) [February 2014]75-82
A simple method for improving surface quality of rapid prototypeKuo, Chil-Chyuan; Su, Sheng-JieIJEMS Vol.20(6) [December 2013]465-470
Taguchi-grey relational based multi response optimization of electrical process parameters in electrical discharge machiningMuthuramalingam, T; Mohan, BIJEMS Vol.20(6) [December 2013]471-475
Optimization of machining parameters of A16061 composite to minimize the surface roughness – modelling using RSM and ANNJeyakumar, S; Marimuthu, K; Ramachandran, TIJEMS Vol.22(1) [February 2015]29-37
Machinability study on AISI410 with different layered inserts in CNC turning during dry conditionsChandrasekaran, K; Marimuthu, P; Raja, K; Manimaran, AIJEMS Vol.20(5) [October 2013]398-404
Evaluation of drilled hole quality of Al-Si alloy/fly ash composites produced by powder metallurgical techniqueJailani, H Siddhi; Rajadurai, A; Mohan, B; Sornakumar, TIJEMS Vol.22(4) [August 2015]414-420