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A small review on the study of Diamond to Nano DiamondPandey, Kamlesh; Asthana, Nidhi; Dixit, Atishay; Dwivedi, Mrigank MauliBVAAP Vol.22(1) [June 2014]58-65
Studies of dielectric relaxation and AC conductivity in [(PEO-SiO2): NH4SCN] Nano composite polymer electrolytePandey, Kamlesh; Dwivedi, Mrigank Mauli; Singh, Markandey; Agrawal, S LBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]70-75
Studies of dielectric relaxation and AC conductivity in [(100-x) PEOxNH4SCN]: Al-Zn ferrite nano composite polymer electrolyteAgrawal, S L; Singh, Markandey; Dwivedi, M M; Pandey, KamleshBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]76-80
Structural and ion transport studies on polymer electrolyte [polyvinyl alcohol : 1-ethyl, 3-methyl imadazolium tosylate (IL)] systemPandey, Kamlesh; Singh, Markandey; Asthana, Nidhi; Pandey, Shuchi; Dwivedi, Mrigank Mauli; Agrawal, S LBVAAP Vol.20(2) [December 2012]177-182
Structural and AC Conductivity study on [(100-x) PEO-xNH4SCN]: Zn magnetic material nanocomposite polymerPandey, Kamlesh; Dwivedi, M M; Srivastava, Ravi; Asthana, Nidhi; Singh, Markandey; Agarwal, Shankar LalBVAAP Vol.19(1) [June 2011]66-69
Production of solar hydrogen energy by nanostructured semiconductor photoelectrodeTripathi, Mridula; Upadhyay, Ruby; Trivedi, Shivangi; Pandey, Ashutosh; Pandey, KamleshBVAAP Vol.19(1) [June 2011]75-78
Coloration of natural diamonds : An experimental studyPandey, KamleshBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]124-131
Study of the use of dehydrated salts : as electrolytes in the fuel cellsDwivedi, Mrigank Mauli; Pandey, Kamlesh; Tripathi, MridulaBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]117-123
Importance of membrane filtration in water purificationUpadhyay, Ruby; Pandey, KamleshBVAAP Vol.26(2) [December 2018]69-93