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Bioprospecting of plant growth promoting psychrotrophic Bacilli from the cold desert of north western Indian HimalayasYadav, Ajar Nath; Sachan, Shashwati Ghosh; Verma, Priyanka; Saxena, Anil KumarIJEB Vol.54(02) [February 2016]142-150
Effects of biotic and abiotic constraints on the symbiosis between rhizobia and the tropical leguminous trees Acacia and Prosopis Rasanen, Leena A; Lindstrom, KristinaIJEB Vol.41(10) [October 2003]1142-1159
Thermostability assessment, profiling and localization of peroxidase activity in stem tissues of Leptadenia pyrotechnica: a defensive enzyme for survival in high temperature conditionsNair, Shari; Dagla, Harchand RIJEB Vol.56(09) [September 2018]694-697
Silencing of fatty acid desaturase (FAD7) gene enhances membrane stability and photosynthetic efficiency under heat stress in tobacco (Nicotiana benthamiana)Hiremath, Sunil S; Sajeevan, RS; Nataraja, Karaba N; Chaturvedi, Ashish K; Chinnusamy, V; Pal, MadanIJEB Vol.55(08) [August 2017]532-541
Pattern of salt accumulation and its impact on salinity tolerance in two halophyte grasses in extreme saline desert in IndiaMangalassery, Shamsudheen; Dayal, Devi; Kumar, Arvind; Bhatt, Karan; Nakar, Rupesh; Kumar, Ashwani; Singh, JP; Misra, Arun KumarIJEB Vol.55(08) [August 2017]542-548
Allelic variations in dnaK of thermotolerant bacilliinhabiting thermal springsKumar, Murugan; Jagannadham, Prashant Tej Kumar; Satheesh, Viswanathan; Prasanna, Radha; Saxena, Anil KumarIJEB Vol.55(08) [August 2017]527-531
Effect of individual and interactive alkalinity and salinity on physiological, biochemical and nutritional traits of Marvel grassKumar, Ashwani; Kumar, Arvind; Kumar, Parveen; Lata, Charu; Kumar, SourabhIJEB Vol.56(08) [August 2018]573-581
Characterization of osmotolerant rhizobacteria for plant growth promoting activities in vitro and during plant-microbe association under osmotic stressBandeppa; Paul, Sangeeta; Aggarwal, Chetana; Manjunatha, BS; Rathi, Maheshwar SinghIJEB Vol.56(08) [August 2018]582-589
Heat and drought stress responses alter grain characteristics by impeding starch precursors of wheatBala, S; Asthir, B; Bains, NSIJEB Vol.56(08) [August 2018]565-572
Phytoextracts protect Saccharomyces cerevisiae from oxidative stress with simultaneous enhancement in bioremediation efficacyBiradar, Shivtej P; Tamboli, Asif S; Patil, Tejas S; Khandare, Rahul V; Govindwar, Sanjay P; Pawar, Pankaj KIJEB Vol.55(07) [July 2017]469-478