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Involvement of AMPA receptors for Mesobuthus tamulus Pocock venom-induced depression of monosynaptic reflex in neonatal rat spinal cord in vitroMaurya, Amar N; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.49(09) [September 2011]660-663
Phenyldiguanide activates cardiac receptors to produce responses by involving three different efferent pathways in anaesthetized ratsBagchi, Sovan; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.38(09) [September 2000]881-886
Pulmonary surfactants and their role in pathophysiology of lung disordersAkella, Aparna; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.51(01) [January 2013]5-22
Characterization of oleic acid-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome model in ratAkella, Aparna; Sharma, Parul; Pandey, Ratna; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.52(07) [July 2014]712-719
Ca2+-free medium enhances the magnitude of slow peak in compound action potential of frog sciatic nerve in vitroMandal, Maloy B; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.42(01) [January 2004]43-47
Indian red scorpion venom modulates spontaneous activity of rat right atria through the involvement of cholinergic and adrenergic systemsAlex, Anitha B; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.37(05) [May 1999]455-460
Acute toxicity of Bisphenol A in ratsPant, Jayanti; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.50(06) [June 2012]425-429
Differential depression of spinal synaptic transmission in vitro by different hypoxic insultsJha, Archana; Gupta, Shyamal Das; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.42(01) [January 2004]36-42
Vasosensory responses elicited by Indian red scorpion venom last longer than capsaicin-induced responsesSingh, Sanjeev K; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.46(11) [November 2008]755-759
Captopril augments acetylcholine-induced bronchial smooth muscle contractions in vitro via kinin-dependent mechanismsAgrawal, Naman; Akella, Aparna; Deshpande, Shripad BIJEB Vol.54(06) [June 2016]365-369